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Three men reappear in Alexandrian police station after their enforced disappearance

AACFHR reported that the men, who had been missing for one week, suffered a severe deterioration in health proving that they were subjected to inhumane torture

Three young men reappeared in an Alexandria police station after police arrested them from their homes and then they were subject to enforced disappearance.

The men display signs of torture and their health had severely deteriorated,  according to the Arab African Centre for Freedom and Human Rights (AACFHR).

Anas Mohamed, 15, and Abdel Rahman Moataz, 20, and Amr Gamal, 20, were arrested after the police brutally assaulted them and their families.

It was further reported that Mohamed had bruises throughout his body which resulted in internal bleeding; Moataz is unable to stand or move due to injuries to his knees; while Gamal is in a critical condition and may not survive.

According to a report from Amnesty International in 2015, over 41,000 people had been arrested, indicted, or sentenced as part of the government’s suppression of political opponents and activists since the revolution in 2011. Human Rights Watch reported last week that 22,000 people, including activists and journalists, have been arrested since July 2014 for stating their opposition to the government.

According to the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, there were at least 215 cases of enforced disappearances across the country in August and September 2015. During the first eight months of 2015, 1,250 cases were recorded with 1,411 cases in the first 10 months. Only 332 of 1,411 cases have been resolved where the location of those disappeared has been revealed.


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