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Ministry of Interior begins provision of free healthcare every Friday

The service, provided through police hospitals, has served 38 patients

The Ministry of Interior announced that the government would provide health services free of charge every Friday to members of the public at police hospitals in Nasr City and Agouza .

Thirty-eight patients have received medical services under the government’s new policy, receiving proscribed medications and a general diagnostic exam, according to a ministry statement.

“The decision aims to bolster societal ties with different segments of the community and present the best facilities for them,” the statement read.

Police hospitals have an independent budget and fall under the supervision of the interior ministry. However, these hospitals are usually reserved for health care provided to police officers.

Meanwhile, despite government threats, approximately half of public hospitals continue to strive to find ways to provide free medical health care for citizens as part of the broad measures taken in a February general assembly meeting of the Doctors Syndicate.

Thousands gathered in a general assembly held at the Doctors Syndicate in mid-February a police officer assaulted two doctors at Matariya Hospital.

The general assembly voted on a set of decisions in response to the assault, including providing free healthcare and the referral of the police officer accused of assaulting the doctors to trial.

Police brutality against prisoners, citizens, doctors, and public figures increased dramatically in the last two months of 2015. Reports of police brutality has continued unabated in the first two months of 2016.

Former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb issued decision 1063/2014, based on the 2014 constitution, which guarantees free of charge medical treatment during the first 48 hours for emergency cases. The decision determined the price of medical examinations during official working hours at EGP 1.

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