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Prints of the Orient: SS16 in the eyes of the Moorish, Ottomans, and Mamluks - Daily News Egypt

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Prints of the Orient: SS16 in the eyes of the Moorish, Ottomans, and Mamluks

“The theme is based on hand-painted tiles, so you can see evident geometric as well as floral prints,” says designer

Amina Khalil, founder and designer of Amina K, celebrated the launch of her Summer/Spring 2016 collection, titled “Prints of the Orient”, which employs a used of traditional Egyptian fashion in an unexpected Cairo venue.

The renowned designer chose to showcase her collection of Islamic inspired fashion at El-Nile Co. in order to highlight the unique inspiration behind the collection by contrasting it with the atmosphere.

“This collection is inspired by Islamic tiles and hence we chose this location for the fashion presentation. The theme is based on hand-painted tiles; so you can see evident geometrical, as well as floral, prints,” said Khalil.

Prints of the Orient is based on the geometrical brilliance of Islamic architecture  (Photo Handout)
Prints of the Orient is based on the geometrical brilliance of Islamic architecture (Photo Handout)

The fabrics were inspired by Islamic architecture and geometry. The ready-to-wear collection was based on original patterns hand-drawn by the designer that captures the elaborate details of Moorish, Ottoman, and Mamluk architecture from around the Arab world.

The colourful geometric motifs and floral figures did not only resemble the tiles of renowned mosques and palaces, they also created great contrast with the venue’s stock industrial and building supplies. This allowed for the designs to leap out and catch the audience’s attention.

The theme makes an artistic nod to the period between the late 1920s to the 1940s, when the local fashion industry was highly influenced by the British occupation. Khalil infused these Western influences with a more traditional Egyptian style to create a unique, novel concept.

Khalil introduced kaftans into her new collection, which have made a comeback in the fashion world recently. The garment’s use of fabric allows for a display of extended details and hand-made embroidery, making it a timeless piece that uses every inch of material to display Khalil’s use of patterns.

The collection showcases a wide multitude of garments that seamlessly blend comfort and grace. Through the use of light-weight fabrics, the designer managed to elaborately recreate these flowing styles and cuts and stay true to her minimal style.

Amid new influences and structure, the collection still maintains her signature marks of braided details and beaded accessories.

The collection was segmented into three patterns: pastel, navy floral prints, and geometric tiles. Each story in the collection included at least one vest, which Khalil has managed to establish as her must-have piece after incorporating it into all of her previous collections.

Walking the same line, the designer has proved once again that her label is on the right track to become a well-known brand by reinterpreting her patterns and beaded details through matching box clutches and purses.

The designer’s artistic endeavour is set to invade everyone’s wardrobe with her new collection. “This collection will be showcased in my store in Zamalek and I am also launching an online store in a week. Then we will also distribute it across the different boutiques that carry our stock items,” said Khalil.

As one of Egypt’s most established designers, Khalil commented on the current status of the local scene and the challenges that designers currently face.

“Over the past few years, the fashion industry has managed to evolve; a lot of people have joined the scene. Meanwhile, social media changed a lot of things,” said Khalil.

“Starting a fashion brand in Egypt includes several obstacles,” she continued. “From sourcing the material to designing and making sure that the quality of everything matches your vision and standards, manufacturing in Egypt is pretty challenging.”

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