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MP demands Bush, Blair referral to ICC over Iraq war

Egyptian parliament demands compensation for Iraq after Chilcot report says Iraq war was based on ‘flawed intelligence’

In a statement released Friday by parliament’s Committee of Arab Affairs, member of parliament Saad Al-Gammal demanded the referral of everyone involved in invading Iraq in 2003 to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for committing war crimes.

The statement mentioned former British prime minister Tony Blair and former American president George W. Bush on the top of those held responsible for the invasion. It also demanded the appointment of an international committee to document all the economic, political, and financial losses that were caused by the war, adding that the United States (US) and Britain should provide compensations to Iraq.


According to the statement, Al-Gammal demanded issuing a mandatory decision to stop military interventions in any country, except with collective approval of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), further asking for military and logistical assistance to Iraq to retrieve security and stability.


The committee demanded discussing the Iraqi situation during the Arab Summit, which will be held in Mauritania, to confirm support to Iraq, and added that the Security Council and the General Assembly of the UN should take immediate action now that the report was released.


The statement was released in light of the Chilcot report that was released earlier last week. The report said that reasons behind the Iraq invasion were irrational, holding Blair responsible for the wrong decision of invasion, stating that he relied on wrong information when he supported the US’ decision.


According to the United Kingdom’s Iraq inquiry chairperson John Chilcot, the decision to go to war in Iraq was based on flawed intelligence, and Blair intentionally exaggerated the danger posed by former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.


The report added that the war decision was taken before peaceful options for disarming Hussein were exhausted. In response to the report, Blair said that the world is a safer and better place without Hussein. However, he expressed his sorrow and regret for the war and the victims. Severe backlash followed the release of the report which prompted protests. Dozens of British citizens took to the streets, labeling Blair as a terrorist.


In March 2003, the US led a military intervention in Iraq. The war lasted about six weeks and toppled Hussein’s regime. In 2011, the US withdrew its troops from Iraq after thousands were killed and sectarian violence occurred.


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