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Second round of Thanaweyya amma exams, leaks continue

A student took a photo of the Arabic language exam, which went viral on Facebook, says Education Ministry

After seemingly endless leaks of the secondary school thanaweyya amma exams earlier this summer, the answers to the Arabic language exam for the second round of exams, along with a photograph of the exam itself, circulated Saturday morning on the ChaoMing Facebook page. The exam was leaked directly after it began.

The ChaoMing Facebook page stirred much controversy during the first round of thanaweyya amma exams held in June, as it leaked several exams and threatened to modify student’s exam results.

The Facebook page renewed its threat to the Ministry of Education, saying that it will continue leaking exams during the second round, according to a statement published on the page on Friday evening.

Following today’s leak, the Ministry of Education took action against the incident and issued a statement in which it revealed details about how the exam was leaked.

“The Electronic Cheats Committee assigned by the Ministry of Education succeeded in identifying the one responsible for leaking the Arabic language exam in the second round. A secondary school student who was in the exam took a picture of the exam that went viral on social media outlets,” read the Saturday statement.

The ministry clarified that the student leaked the exam one hour after it was administered, adding that he was referred to investigation after his role in the incident was revealed.

Since the beginning of the first round of exams in early June, all exams have been leaked on social media either prior to or during the exam administration time, though the Education Ministry has denied some of the leaks.

Consequently, four subjects from the first round of exams were postponed from their original time to early July due to the leak of the dynamics exam—part of the mathematics exam. The decision trigged controversy and sparked protests as the exam content was leaked for a second time following an initial postponement.

Students increased in number in front of Al-Mounira School to protest repeating the exams and to call for the dismissal of the minister of education.

Over 20 people have been arrested on charges of leaking exam papers on the internet since early June. The arrests came as part of a crackdown on exam fraud.

The thanaweyya amma exam leaks have put the Ministry of Education under increasing pressure, raising more and more questions about Egypt’s education system, which many are calling to change.

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