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Parliament discusses imposing taxes to increase judicial, military health insurance

Increasing burdens on the lives of already weary citizens will lead to a “sweeping revolution”, says 6 April Movement figure

The House of Representatives is scheduled to discuss on Sunday afternoon the government-suggested law to enhance health services provided to judges by imposing taxes on trial documents.

The suggested taxes, reaching EGP 10, would be paid by any citizen who files a lawsuit. The suggested taxes will be used to establish a fund that will be specialised in providing health and social services to judges from both civil and military courts.

The law introduced by the government stirred great controversy among members of the parliament who were divided into two camps—those who support the suggested law and those who oppose.

“The law suggested by the government to enhance health and social services for judges is not fair. I consider it as form of ‘royalties’ and it should be totally rejected as Egyptians are already suffering from heavy burdens in their daily lives,” Member of Parliament Khalid Abdel Aziz told Daily News Egypt on Sunday.

Abdel Aziz considers the aforementioned law and the additional burden it would impose on economically weary citizens a “crime”.

“Police, army officers, and judges receive high salaries compared to other professions. The EGP 10 will badly affect ordinary citizens,” he added.

The suggested law to impose taxes on citizens for the sake of enhancing judges’ health and social services is considered a violation of the Constitution, according to leading figure in the 6 April Youth Movement Sherif El-Roby.

El-Roby asserted to Daily News Egypt on Sunday that the law will “loot” Egyptians for the sake of army and police officers, and judges, and that the current government is working against limited-income citizens.

“We don’t have a real parliament. The current one is a group of mercenaries who actively work against the citizen who elected them,” he clarified.

Regarding the parliament’s potential approval of the law, El-Roby noted that a popular movement is expected to take place against the current regime due to the increase of prices and taxes imposed for the sake of specific classes of citizens.

“The upcoming movement will not be affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or the 6 April Movement; it will be a ‘hungry’ and ‘sweeping revolution,” El-Roby predicated.

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