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Germans, Ukrainians to top winter tourist arrivals to Egypt: investors - Daily News Egypt

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Germans, Ukrainians to top winter tourist arrivals to Egypt: investors

Advertising campaign in Germany is broadcast across 9 TV channels, besides outdoor and digital advertisements

Tourism experts expect that Germans will rank first place for the most tourists visiting Egypt in winter, followed by Ukraine.

The Tourism Activation Authority implemented an advertising campaign in the German market at a cost of $5m presented in television, outdoor, and radio advertisements.

Hany Shoukry, executive chairperson at the award-winning marketing company J.WalterThompson Cairo (JWT), said that Germany is one of the largest markets to respond to campaigns. It is expected that it will occupy first place in terms of the number of tourists visiting Egypt.

Shoukry explained that Italy is currently another promising country, followed by Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic—there is large growth in these markets.

He pointed out that the company managed to redirect inbound tourism from the UK to Luxor and Aswan, as the British goverment’s ban on direct flights to Sharm El-Sheikh is still in place.

Air Berlin rescheduled flights to Egypt at the beginning of this week; this is a clear indication of stability in Egypt, he said.

He added that flights coming from other Arab markets increased by more than 29% compared to the same period last year. Saudi Arabia ranks first among Arab countries in terms of inbound tourism.

Mohamed Abdel Gabbar, head of the Foreign Tourism Sector at the Tourism Activation Authority, said that the German market is the most developed among European markets, as the number of tourists decreased by only 25% this year compared to last year. This year-on-year decline registered 65% from the Italian market and 98% from the Russian market.

Abdel Gabbar pointed out that all comparisons are unfair at the moment, as 2016 has seen a great deal of crises.

Ukrainian and Polish markets are also emerging markets. The authority, through JWT,​​ launched an advertising campaign in the German market three weeks ago at a cost of $5m which will continue until the end of December.

The campaign in Germany is broadcasted on nine TV channels, besides outdoor and digital advertisements, television interviews, and celebrity interviews.

He added that there are other digital campaigns in China, India, and distant markets, so that the authority can reach all open doors.

He explained that another promotional campaign will be launched in the Italian market mid-month in conjunction with the English Premier League. The authority will benefit from the visit of football player Mohamed Salah to the Italian market to promote Egypt’s tourist destinations.

Maged Mina, CEO of Expedia Egypt and Palestine, said that the largest bookings made to Egypt at this time are from the German market, followed by the British and French markets, then the Italian market.

Mina explained that Germany was one of the largest countries that responded to the advertising campaign that began in October, followed by the UK and Italy. Germans are seeking cultural and beach tourism in Egypt.

In September and October, bookings increased by 37% compared to the same period last year.

Karim Mohsen, vice president of the business conduct committee at the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism, said that the coming winter season will receive the inbound German tourists to Egypt.

Incoming tourism from Germany to Egypt is increasing in the current period, especially cultural and beach tourism in Hurghada. However, there is a decline in the numbers of tourists coming from the UK and Russia who used to represent 35% of incoming tourism to Egypt.

He expected a decline in inbound tourism from Saudi Arabia because of the end of the holiday season. He explained that Arab tourism is seasonal and winter is not a vacation season for the majority.

Mohsen cited a desire for the return of tourism at its usual rates during the coming period, pointing out that the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism—as a representative of the private sector—seeks to promote Egypt abroad and to improve public relations with countries as much as possible.

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