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Automotive sector values the successes of 3rd annual Egypt Automotive Summit

The automotive sector has expressed its appreciation for the third annual Egypt Automotive Summit organised by Business News in mid-December

Leaders and figures of the automotive sector believe that the Egypt Automotive Summit’s success was in part due to the participation of both the government and companies.

Daily News Egypt takes a look at the reactions after the summit.


Hussein Mostafa, head of Automotive Marketing Information Council (AMIC):

Room for dialogue between the government and workers in the sector

The summit is one of the major events of the automotive sector, as it creates room for dialogue between government agencies and workers in the automotive sector. The third summit managed to present all the challenges and obstacles facing the car market during their sessions.


Ahmed Mehrez, director general of Skoda sector:

An improvement in the local industry

The Egypt Automotive Summit is witnessing noticeable progress, as all workers in the automotive sector are paying attention to it.

The summit managed to discuss the laws of the sector and present a new strategy for car manufacturing.

The summit serves the automotive sector, as well as the government, for improving the situation of the automotive sector in Egypt.


Menna Sadek, head of the investment sector in Ghabbour Auto:

A new message from the market

The summit was held at a very important time for the automotive sector in Egypt because the sector needs to turn into one that manufactures more.

The importance of the summit is related to the timing, which coincided with the discussion of the draft law of the automotive industry strategy in the parliament. This was a message from the market that it wants to shift towards manufacturing and exporting.


Yasser El Kasrawy, professor of business administration at the University of Tanta and member of the Auto Group board:

A presentation of the government’s vision

The summit managed to present the government’s vision for the sector and received a lot of attention from the automotive sector, which discussed their car manufacturing strategy. Several issues were tackled and agreements made, including the mechanisms by which these agreements would be implemented. Special attention was paid to developing feeding industries for the automotive industry.

The summit also discussed the extent of the draft automotive industry strategy’s effect on all workers in the automotive sector, including agents and importers. It also discussed ways of benefiting from the strategy.


Hadeer Shalaby, general manager of Careem (DNE Photo)
Hadeer Shalaby, general manager of Careem
(DNE Photo)

Hadeer Shalaby, general manager of Careem:

The challenges of the insurance sector and pound floatation

I’m happy to have taken part in the Egypt Automotive Summit. It was successful and impressive in terms of organisation and the issues discussed. The summit witnessed active participation from the government and the automotive sector companies.

The conference discussed important issues, including the challenges facing the insurance sector and its troubles after the pound’s flotation. It has also presented the vision for public transportation for the next two years.


Ahmed El Benhawy, first foreign affairs manager in the Industrial Training Center (ITC):

The state’s industrial strategy in 2020

The third annual summit has discussed the strategy of the automotive industry which is connected to the state’s industrial strategy for 2020. Some of the main issues discussed in the conference were the challenges facing the sector, in addition to the vision of workers in the automotive market to develop the industry.


Shazly Mustafa, marketing manager at GB Ghabbour Auto group:

The sector awaits recommendations implementation

The summit attempted to reach the best solutions to revive the auto sector, because cars are not a luxury good but a basic good in citizens’ lives. I hope that the recommendations made during the summit are implemented.


Mohammad Zaki, CEO and managing director of the European Company for Automotive Service Centres:

Providing updates on the automotive world

The Egypt Automotive Summit has become very valuable to the automotive sector, as it has managed to contribute information and has allowed the government to display their vision for the automotive sector.

The automotive sector workers were keen to attend the summit, in order to discuss the future of the sector as a manufacturing industry to reduce imports.


Abdel Moneim El-Kady, deputy chairperson of the Chamber of Engineering Industries Federation (DNE Photo)
Abdel Moneim El-Kady, deputy chairperson of the Chamber of Engineering Industries Federation
(DNE Photo)

Abdel Moneim El-Kady, deputy chairperson of the Chamber of Engineering Industries Federation:

The third summit is the most organised one

The third annual summit was the most organised one, and better than last year’s summit. It covered everything related to cars, trade, industry, tax, and insurance.

The automotive industry strategy and the most important items of the strategy draft law submitted to the parliament was discussed as well.


Hussein Mustafa, executive director of the Automotive Manufacturers Association:

An open and frank summit

The summit brought all government automotive officials and industry leaders together; from ministries, authorities, professionals in the auto companies, feeding industry companies, and the insurance sector.

The summit was characterised by frankness and openness about the visions of the future for the automotive sector’s finances in Egypt. The summit revealed a spirit of optimism and investors’ desire to inject new investments into the local market.

The management of the conference was very sophisticated and accurate. They provided everyone with an opportunity to participate and talk about their vision and opinions.

We wish Business News progress and success in all future conferences they organise, which attract investments in all sectors.


Hossam Abdl-Aziz, board member of the Chamber of Engineering Industries:

Egypt Automotive Summit allowed automotive market employees’ opinions to coalesce

The summit allowed all employees from the automotive sector, such as manufacturers, importers, components manufacturers, and so on, to meet and discuss their ideas. They spoke about the value of the components manufacturers, not only to the automotive industry but to the Egyptian economy as a whole.


Amr Nassar, executive advisor of MCV Group (DNE Photo)
Amr Nassar, executive advisor of MCV Group
(DNE Photo)

Amr Nassar, executive advisor of MCV Group:

The summit has become an added value to the sector

The summit is the only good annual gathering of the automotive market’s employees. The summit has added value to the automotive sector, and this third instalment was the most succesfull. It was characterised by general discussions related to the sector, and introduced new topics of importance. There was effective participation by the government and private companies.

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