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Egypt’s first ladies team takes part in automotive championship finals

Ssang Yong team is the champion of Shell Egypt Automotive

The first Ramadan football matches for the automotive sector championships, “Shell Egypt Automotive”, concluded on Thursday. The competition started fourteen days ago, where games took place between auto companies for the first position title of the championship. The championship was held in the Olympic centre in Maadi, with the participation of 16 teams representing 14 car companies located in Egypt, in addition to BOD, the public relations company of Egypt Automotive, the organizing company of the event.

The closing ceremony started by receiving the companies participating in the event to closely follow-up the final.

The beginning of Shell Egypt’s finals started with matches to determine the winners of the third and fourth positions, where Volkswagen and Auto21 played against each other, resulting in Volkswagen winning by 7-4.

The match witnessed the first time out in the championship after the original time ended with a tie of 4-4, which then allowed Volkswagen to win third position.

Volkswagen’s goals were scored by Ahmed Reda, Mohamed Khamis, Ahmed Mohamed, Wagdy Salah, and Yasser Gad, while the goals of Auto21 were scored by Wael Mohamed, Abdel Rahman Mohamed, and Hisham Mohamed.

After the match, a surprise match took place between the media team and Egypt’s ladies team.

The ladies team included Nasra Eid as goalkeeper, Sarah El Hawy, Inas Moustafa, Noura Mohamed, Mirna Mohsen, and Fayza Haidar.

The media team, on the other hand, included Hussein Saleh from Alam Al Sayarat, Yasser Shaaban from Al Watan, Ahmed Nabil from Al Maal, Sherif Yasser from On Track programme, Kamal Sanad from Al Borsa, and Mohamed Al Sawy from Daily News Egypt.

After a strong competition, the match ended with a win for the media team.

The final was played between BMW and Ssang Yong team. Referee Mahmoud Ashour announced the beginning of the final match. Ssang Yong was able to score its first goal within the first 12 minutes, making the final minutes of the first half end with Ssang Yong in the lead, while at the beginning of the second half, BMW fiercely attacked its opponent. However, through a gap in the defense of BMW, Ssang was able to score the second goal. The game ended with Ssang Yong winning the championship cup.

After the match, the teams taking part in the championship were honored. Mohamed Aboul Fotouh, CEO of Egypt Autmotive; Saad Zaghloul, CEO of Daily News Egypt; Haitham Yehia, head of the marketing sector in Shell Oil; and Khaled Seif, head of consumer oil marketing welcomed the participants in the championship and praised the organiser of the event.

Aboul Fotouh and Zaghloul received the Egypt Automotive medals in honor of their active participation and support of the championship.

This was followed by honoring Khaled Abaza, the director of the cars’ supplement in Al Masry Al Youm, to thank him for his effort and support to guarantee the success of this championship.

The ladies’ team, lead by coach Fayza, was then honored by receiving a certificate of appreciation from the organising committee in thanks of the team’s effort during the championship.

Egypt Automotive and Shell Oil also gave medals to honor all the companies that took part in the event, including Volkswagen, with Haidy Ourban receiving the medal on the company’s behalf, and Renault, with Ramy Gad receiving the medal on its behalf, in addition to other companies, including Siat, Audi, and the Bavarian Auto Group.

After honoring the companies that took part in the championship, Egypt Automotive and Shell Oil then honored the players that participated. Khaled Eid, BMW’s player, received the best player award, while Moustafa Ibrahim, the player of Ssang Yong, received the cup for the best scorer in the championship.

The company “Fly In”, the co-sponsor of the championship, has provided each player a discount voucher for the value of EGP 1,000, while winners of the second place were offered vouchers for EGP 750, and winners of the third place received vouchers worth EGP 500.

Ahmed El Nemr, the technical director of Volkswagen, with the other members of his team, received the bronze medal for ranking third in the championship.

Emad, the technical director of BMW, received, together with the members of his team, the silver medal for ranking second, in addition to a check for EGP 20,000.

In the first place was Ahmed El Shehaby, who received the award for the first place and the gold medal, in addition to a check worth EGP 30,000.

Tamer El Anani, the general manager of Ssang Yong, together with his team, received the championship cup and celebrated winning first place.

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