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VictoryLink affirms more marketers implementing mobile advertising into budgets

72% of global companies use location-based mobile targeting

VictoryLink, a digital solutions company, affirmed that marketers are investing more in mobile advertising based on the return on investment it yields on the long run with targeted consumers.

Global studies have demonstrated that the concentrated call-to-action affects mobile advertising imposed on consumers on the long term has encouraged more marketers to adopt the digital solution into their marketing strategies and budgets.

As the entire world gravitates towards digital through all mediums, industries and behavior companies are beginning to realize the power of digital to deeply and more effectively communicate with target audiences. One of these means of specialised and targeted consumer communication is mobile advertising. The platform is growing in use and adoption as its power continues to reflect impact on consumer behavior. In fact, it has become its very own ecosystem, adapting to change and meeting particular demands. Today, marketers are adapting to this ecosystem, and global studies verified that 85% of marketers expect their mobile location budget to increase.

Global studies have affirmed that more users are responding to mobile advertising, as it has the ability to capture audiences at the right time and place. During active seasons, mobile activity significantly heightens, and so, mobile advertising can be openly received by a large segment of society during such highly digital days. In fact, e-commerce companies that are growing more dependent on mobile advertising increased their mobile advertisement spending by 23% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2016, given that this quarter of the year is packed with public holidays.

A global study addressed Black Friday, an international day designated for mass shopping, discovering that mobile advertising and building up through progressive campaigns months before the momentous day have immense impact on the way individuals shop during this day or even make store-visiting decisions.

A local study in Egypt held by VictoryLink in cooperation with YouGov revealed that 52% of mobile users have no certain preference as to when they would be most open to receiving mobile advertisements. Instead, they are always viable to opening an SMS and exploring its content during any hour of the day.

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