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New book reveals secrets of late Mohamed Naguib’s life 

“Al-Gomhoreya” reveals hidden secrets for the first time about Naguib’s short-lived presidency

Following president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s inauguration of the Mohamed Naguib Military Base, a new book about late president Mohamed Naguib’s era is to be released at bookstores revealing the details of his short, mysterious presidency period.

For years, the post 1952 Revolution period was always marked with Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Al-Sadat’s political, economic, and social decisions and point of views with rare mentioning to Naguib’s participation in the scene.

The book, called “Al-Gomhoriya” (The Republic), is published by El-Tahrir publishing house and penned by political writer Mohammed Tharwat. As an honour to late president Naguib’s role in which is not often remembered in history books, Tharwat takes readers in a journey to Naguib’s life from childhood to the time he was chosen to lead the 1952 revolutionary movement, and later after he was discharged from his duty as president.

The book, which will be released at bookstores starting from 13 August, also contains copies of secret documents and reveals some hidden parts of his life during his presidency, and the period afterwards when he was under house arrest until his death in 1984.

Tharwat’s book introduction includes part of Al-Sisi’s speech during the inauguration of the military base on 23 July when he stated that the base was named after Naguib “to honour his contribution to the nation and as proof of Egypt’s loyalty.”

Mohammed Naguib Military Base also contains a museum dedicated to the late president, in which in it his properties are displayed and which screens his biography as one of Egypt’s most prominent presidents who led Egypt through a critical period.

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