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Egypt’s citadels planned to creatively attract tourists

Red Sea’s Ottoman citadel to be opened to public while Salah Al-Din’s hosts “Culturama”

Egypt has lots of magnificent historical places that only seek to be spotlighted and opened for public visits, something that the Ministry of Antiquities started doing. After reopening Aisha Fahmy’s palace for public visits, and many other breathtaking historical spots, Minister Khaled EL-Anany approved opening Ottoman citadel in Quseir city, located in the Red Sea coast, Eastern Egypt.

Al-Anany explained that the citadel, is a unique place that attracts many tourists from all over the world, according to state media website, Egynews, adding that it’s directly located over the seaside and that it resembles both Islamic and Pharaoh culture civilizations.

He also added that the huge fortress is looked at as the centre of the city which used to take control of the whole surrounding area. it’s also built over the highest hill of the city.

The palace was originally built with the aim of protecting the Egyptian boarders and overview the vacuous surrounding desert. It was built in 1799, at Sultan Selim’s era and it stood still over the years without any change or structure restoration.

Focusing on renewing Citadels in order to attract much more tourists stats with Ottoman citadel, yet it reaches the capital’s most known citadels, Salah Al-Din.

Ministry of Antiquities also announced launching a new initiative, Culturama,  at Cairo’s Salah Al-Din Citadel.

The initiative is about panorama shows that are screened in two media centres located inside the citadel.

Aiming to provide visitors the proper history information about Egypt’s different eras, relics and the current plans of renovating ancient places, the ministry launched the initiative with the help of the National Organization For Urban Harmony.

The two media centres are planned to be built within three months, according to an announcement by Gamal Moustafa, the general manager Salah Al-Din Citedal’s relics in a press release.


One of the centres will be specialized in providing tourists with the information of Egypt’s cultural heritage, historical buildings and the ministry’s future urban plans. The other one will focus on monuments and the Ministry’s plan of renovating ancient temples.

The citadel also hosts its annual culture festival this month, running from August 17 to September 2, with tens of musical and cultural performances taking place on daily basis.


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