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Tourist demand in Egypt is increasing, recovery in a year: Rahlat.com official  - Daily News Egypt

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Tourist demand in Egypt is increasing, recovery in a year: Rahlat.com official 

Infrastructure must be improved to meet the needs of Arab travellers, says Messo

The founder of Rahlat.com, Ellie Messo, stated that the website’s statistics showed that an obvious increase in online searches with prominent destinations such as Egypt.

He added that the demand index for tourist destinations is rising now, which will impact tourism recovery in Egypt within one year or two at most.

Additionally, he pointed out that the company has many plans of partnerships with Egyptian tourism companies, which will benefit the interest of the Arab tourist as well as the tourist destination of Egypt.

According to Messo, Rahlat.com quickly achieved popularity, thanks to free services provided to Arab tourists to enable them to compare and choose the most appropriate and best destinations in terms of places available for tourism, air tickets, and accommodation costs.

The growing demand for the tourism industry is growing, and the number of passengers is increasing more than ever, necessitating serious and efficient handling to meet the increasing needs of the modernisation of travel and tourism technology, according to Messo.

He explained that the tourism industry faces challenges of adapting to modern tourism, and the Middle East in particular suffers from many problems, one of them being tourist safety.

“It is no secret that tourists are very sensitive to any tensions in the planned areas and will not forget the ordinary tourist terrorist attack and despite the scarcity of occurrence and take a re-confidence years. Look at Turkey, since the unrest that occurred a year ago, and Rahlat.com statistics showed a decrease of 50% in hotels and flight bookings to the country,” said Messo.

He added that it is not limited to a country without the other. This is a major blow to any industry, as well as the case in Egypt, which affected the frequencies negatively and decreased the demand on tourism.

He noted that many tourists need facilities similar to what they have in their homes when travelling. In contrast, many tourists see real excitement and pleasure in an experience outside the framework of what is customary in their lifestyle.

Rahlat.com cooperates with hundreds of travel agencies when comparing the prices of airline tickets and hotel rooms. The company’s services are mainly to provide a search engine to compare these prices to the benefit of the Arab tourist.

He said that Egypt is in a steady step in this regard, and the technological services in Egypt are very promising, which is necessary for the development of tourism, that is currently relying on technology mainly.

He added that it would require an increase in tourism applications or to improve infrastructure in the long run to meet the needs of Arab travellers.

He explained that high-speed and stable Internet services are the most basic requirements for all online services and for e-commerce in particular, as reliable payment options over the Internet are very necessary.

“The more people have access to payment cards, the easier it will be for travellers to benefit from price comparisons and to buy directly online, where prices are much lower because of high competition,” he said.

He pointed out that the company’s research department, when it comes to databases, generates a lot of data that results from searches carried out by Arab travelers on Rahlat.com. However, the official data revealed by the tourism authorities and authorities are of great benefit and are always welcome.

“We are an independent entity and we do not advertise any destinations, travel agencies, airlines, or hotels, and our strategy is to continue to deliver smart services to the traveler,” said Messo.

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