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Egypt celebrates Indian’s Independence Day with the rhythms of a sitar performance  - Daily News Egypt

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Egypt celebrates Indian’s Independence Day with the rhythms of a sitar performance 

Together, Egypt and India championed the cause of developing countries and worked for peace and development; said Indian Ambassador in Egypt 

While culture might differ from one nation to another, comes music to combine them all with different aspects that reach all people’s souls with the same level, and it does not leave them before they are all spiritually bonded with peace. That’s why a sitar recital performance was the best way for the Indian Embassy in Egypt to culturally celebrate its 70th independence day.

Last week, the Indian Embassy in Cairo, opened its glamorous doors in Zamalek to welcome attendees who came to share the happiness of India’s Independence day as well as to the amusement of a witnessing a live sitar recital performance that rarely takes place in Egypt.

The event is one of the Embassy’s several events to celebrate in August, the month of independence,. With the attendance of several well-known Egyptian and Indian figures, music spoke the rhythm of freedom happiness through the performance of Agni Kumar Verma, a prominent Sitar-Soloist.

Indian Ambassador in Egypt, Sanjay Bhattacharyya expressed his happiness at the event with the strong bonding relationship of Egypt and India has which is getting richer and stronger with the political, economic and cultural pledges.

“We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of India’s independence [which is on August 25] and also 70 years of diplomatic relations with Egypt [which was announced the same month immediately after India’s Independence]. Our friendship has blossomed over these decades and our partnership has grown stronger and multi-faceted, especially in recent years,” Bhattacharyya said during the event.

“We are proud of our civilizational partnership with Egypt, the major power having positive influence in the neighbourhood. Together, we championed the cause of developing countries and worked for peace and development,” the Ambassador added.

As for Verma, enthusiasm and excitement were the emotions taking over his first performance in Egypt. While audience warmly welcomed a new music to take them deeper into the Indian overwhelming music culture, Verma did also performed some of Egypt’s most loved song “Helwa Ya Balady” on his sitar.

“I trained on this song for one week because I know that there will be more Egyptian listeners so it will be good to play Egyptian music for them. I prepared it especially for this occasion,” Verma said.

The remarkability of Verma’s Sitr music lays in his abilities of creating a rare combination of virtuosity with technical finesse and a deep sense of aesthetics.

His regular concerts have evoked masterful handling of his instrument emitting grace, fluidity and dexterity with each note in harmony. Verma’s charismatic stage presence describes his simplicity and clarity as the hallmark of his own style.

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