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55% of Egyptian drivers drink coffee to overcome driving fatigue: Continental Tyres - Daily News Egypt

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55% of Egyptian drivers drink coffee to overcome driving fatigue: Continental Tyres

36% of drivers suffer from headaches if they do not get their favourite drink

Continental Tires Company has held a study that revealed more than 50% of Egyptian drivers drink coffee to reduce driving fatigue compared to those who drink energy drinks and carbonated beverages. The study was conducted by YouGov, an international internet-based market research firm tasked by Continental Tires as part of its safety initiative called “Vision Zero”. The study revealed that drivers in Egypt rely on different types of beverages that contain caffeine to help them maintain concentration while driving, but it warned of the risks of certain types of drinks.

Only 19% of drivers said they get energy drinks and carbonated beverages for more energy, while 55% chose coffee to help them stay alert while driving. The study showed that 40% of drivers drink tea to overcome driving fatigue, while 18% of drivers prefer to drink traditional tea with milk and hot chocolate.

According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), the total number of car accidents in Egypt reached more than 14,700 accidents in 2016, of which 72% were caused by human errors. In line with Continental Tires’ keenness to urge drivers in Egypt to pay more attention and enjoy more vigilance for safer driving, the study raises questions about how drivers’ choices of drinks can actually help them to enhance their driving abilities.

“Studies have shown that a cup of coffee or tea can help weary drivers to stay alert while driving,” said Dana Al Hamawi, a clinical nutrition and diet expert. However, Al Hamawi noted that drivers should not over-rely on drinks containing caffeine to maintain concentration and alertness while driving.

She pointed out that caffeine does not have any negative effect on the brain; however, the over-consumption of caffeine may result in some side effects, such as irritability, nervousness, irregular or rapid heartbeat, muscle twitching, and lack of clarity of speech. Meanwhile, the high-sugar drinks may cause fatigue.

The study has surveyed 1,014 people in Egypt about their non-alcoholic drinking habits and how they feel if they missed their favorite drinks. The study revealed that 24% of the participants feel tired and not concentrating when they do not get their favorite drink, while 29% may suffer from headaches.

Jose Luis de la Fuente, managing director for Continental Middle East, said that there are several elements that can lead to road accidents, and the human element is one of them. Therefore, the Zero Vision initiative pays more attention to raising awareness of drivers. By conducting this study, the company wanted to understand how different drinks could affect drivers in Egypt.

Being a leading company in the development of automotive and road safety technologies, Continental Tires aims, through its initiative, to completely eliminate road accidents.

Taking into consideration that beverages containing caffeine contribute only little to maintaining vigilance, the Continental Middle East and Al Hamawi present the top 10 health tips for safer driving. The driver should drink enough water to boost the brain’s electrical energy and avoid snacks that contain high amounts of salt or sugar.

Drivers should also eat regular meals, fruits, and vegetables, avoid junk food and sugary drinks, keep away from drowsy medicines, and chewing gum to help increase focus and reduce stress. The small snacks should include carrots, celery, grapes, cheese fingers, and grilled chicken pieces. Drivers should stop for rest during long journeys, making sure to allow fresh air to the cabin.

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