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Ismail opens 3rd parliamentary legislative term, praises performance of previous terms  - Daily News Egypt

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Ismail opens 3rd parliamentary legislative term, praises performance of previous terms 

Population growth is one the challenges facing the Egyptian society, says Ismail 

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail opened on Monday the first session of third parliamentary legislative term, praising the parliament’s performance throughout the previous terms.

The parliament starts the third legislative term with aim of concluding sixteen bills, part of requirement of transitional period that the state is currently facing.

In his speech, Ismail said that the parliament 2016 coincide with very difficult circumstances that “made the country in need of real representatives capable of contributing to solve issues and express people concerns”.

Ismail highlighted achievements of the parliament throughout the past months, and its contribution in supporting state policies and projects.

The government’s economic reform program was implemented with great support of parliament, Ismail added, “We have aimed at increasing economic growth rates and address deep structural imbalances in economy that resumed for decades without confrontation”.

Therefore the parliament has issued legislations that contributed to regulate economic market and boost investments, such as the Investment law and Industrial Permits law, he continued.

The minister also highlighted legislatives that were approved to support neediest and low-income citizens, that ranged from allowances to confront prices hikes and increment of pensions.

Moreover, legalizing Land Acquisition law was among the important legislatives that was accomplished, as it guarantees regulations that preserves the right of the people and their funds.

Regarding the legislatives scheduled to be discussed during the current term, they will include Medical Insurance Law, Social Insurance Law, Labour Unions Law, Local Administrative Law, Youth Law, and Rights of Persons with disabilities law.

The minister also discussed in his speech the consequences of recent census, saying that it is required to confront the increment of population, as we have reached unprecedented number, that will not leave surpluses for the future of the people and upcoming generations.

Ismail called on the parliament to contribute in facing this challenge, adding that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has already called for putting strategy to confront this challenge that has continued over the past ten year.

The Egyptian population reached 104.2 million, of which 94.7 million are living in the country and 9.4 million are abroad, said Abu Bakr Al-Gendy, the head of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced during a conference in the attendance of Al-Sisi on Saturday.

“We must put in mind that the next stage is critical and requires more effort and joint action of the House of Representatives and the government”, Ismail concluded.

The new term is scheduled to witness approval of certain laws that will include rights of persons with disabilities, external regulations for media and press institution, cuber crime law, labour unions, criminal procedures, and consumer protection procedures.

The second legislative term that concluded on 5 June, witnessed the approval of 217 laws, which was higher than what was approved during the first round that witnessed approval of 82 bills.

Among the laws approved during the second term, Non-governmental organization law, amendments to protest law and criminal procedures,  Law of Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking, and investment law.

In accordance to constitutional Article no. 115, the Parliament shall continue its session at least for nine months, that could be renewed throughout its term.

The parliament has began on January 13 with attendance of above 500 members after three years of absence, for the first time during Al-Sisi’s ruling.

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