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White Castle elections 

Mortada and Soliman compete over presidency of Zamalek, Al-Amary and Yasin run for the treasure secretary position in the club 

Zamalek Sporting Club’s elections will kick off on Thursday. Zamalek, or the White Castle, is one of the most important and largest Arab and African clubs. It has a wide popularity in the Arab world and Africa.

The judicial committee that runs Zamalek, currently under the chairmanship of Chancellor Ahmed Khalifa, revealed that the number of General Assembly members eligible to vote in the White Castle elections exceeds 70,000 members.

Khalifa said the minimum number of eligible voters amounts to 72,000 members, adding that 80 judges are set to supervise the elections.

Mortada Mansour, the outgoing president of Zamalek, relies on the “new members” of the General Assembly, estimated at 3,000 members, in addition to his supporters that range between 6,000 and 8,000 voters.

The other competitor for Zamalek’s presidency, Ahmed Soliman, relies on the “opposition forces” to win the presidency. Soliman expects 2,000 votes, coming from former Zamalek President Mamdouh Abbas, in addition to the supporters of his candidacy list member, Mostafa Abdel Khalek, in Imbaba and Mit Okba. Soliman also relies on the votes of tourism companies, estimated at 1,000 votes, not to mention the supporters of Hany Al-Attal, running for vice-president.

Meanwhile, there is a fierce competition over the vice president post between three strong candidates. Ahmed Galal Ibrahim, outgoing vice-president of the club, has the best chance of winning the post, benefiting from his great experience in previous elections. He also relies on the swimming sector in the club, which represents a large voting power in the elections.

On the other hand, there is a real competition between Ahmed Mortada Mansour, outgoing Zamalek council member, and Hany Al-Attal, a former member of the board, over the second position in the board.

Hazem Yassin and Saif Al-Amari compete over the treasure secretary post. Yassin receives direct support from Mortada Mansour. The outgoing board member relies mainly only Mortada’s experience and support, while Al-Amari has lost Mortada’s support, unlike previous elections.

The competition over the board’s membership witnesses fierce battles between 11 candidates over five seats in the board, namely Ismail Youssef, Hany Zadeh, Alaa Meqled, and Sharifa Al-Far in the Mortada list.

Soliman’s candidacy list includes Mostafa Abdel Khalek; Abdullah George; Hussein Al-Simary; Mohamed Abu Al-Ala; Badawy Al-Sayed Najila, supported by the Syndicate of Journalists; Lo’ay Dabes; and businessman Ahmad Abdullah.

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