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Al Ahly name, logo our biggest asset, we seek to invest in it the best way possible: Kandil - Daily News Egypt

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Al Ahly name, logo our biggest asset, we seek to invest in it the best way possible: Kandil

Having bankers and economists on Khatib’s list aims to optimise better marketing of Al Ahly brand and manage its assets professionally

Head of the strategic institutions and senior customers sector at the Commercial International Bank (CIB), and a candidate for the board of directors of Al Ahly Sporting Club, Tarek Kandil, said that the name and logo of the club is its biggest asset and is worth a lot of money, however, it has not been properly managed so far.

Kandil is a member of the Al Ahly club and is running in its upcoming elections under Mahmoud El Khatib’s list, which includes El Amiri Farouk, Khaled Al-Darandali, Khaled Murtaga, Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy, Rania Elwani, Gawhar Nabil, Mohammed Al-Damati, Mohamed El-Garhi, Mohamed Serag El Din, and Mohannad Magdy.

In an interview with Daily News Egypt, Kandil said that El Khatib exerted great effort in preparing this list that brings together experts from previous councils such as El Ameri, Murtagi, Elwani, and El Kafrawy, as well as new faces that a no strangers to the club such as El-Damati and Kandil. Khatib was also keen to include members with experience in investment on the list.

“El Khatib’s list aims to invest in these assets of the club, especially the club name and logo, in an appropriate form for the club, in addition to generating an income that contributes to increasing the services for its members,” said Kandil.

Kandil was a member of Al Ahly club’s Resource Development Committee from 2002 to 2009 and was a member of the organising committee for the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations.

He has over 30 years of banking experience, during which he served as a member of several senior committees at CIB and served as chairperson of dynamic securities at the same bank.

According to Kandil, the presence of a group of bankers and economists on El Khatib’s list aims to optimise marketing the name of Al Ahly Club and manage its assets professionally.

“We cannot deny the role played by the former board of directors of Al Ahly club in this regard, however, we believe members deserve better services than those provided by the previous board, and this will be achieved by maximising the income of the club and increasing its resources to cover the services that El Khatib’s list aim at achieving,” said Kandil.

He pointed out that the electoral programme of El-Khatib’s list was conducted and co-authored by all the members of the list, and supervised by a group of professional specialists, pointing out that the programme includes specific projects with timed schedules, not mere electoral promises.

The highlights of the economic programme, as revealed recently, are the establishment of a football company, maximising the resources and financial capabilities of the club, and the exploitation of its brand, history, and popularity, especially in the field of football.

The marketing plan includes the processing of a database of international marketing institutions and agencies with sports investments that could contribute to financing future projects of Al Ahly.

The programme also includes the immediate start of studying the establishment of Al Ahly Foundation for Community Development to play an important role in the development of society.

The design and establishment of an architectural identity of the club’s buildings and facilities in its three branches, El Gezira, Nasr City, and Sheikh Zayed, and the development of building facades immediately, which would be taken into account in the construction of any new building to be a distinctive sign of the ‘Red Castle’, besides the establishment of a temporary museum in the historic cabin building on the Gezira island.

The most important and challenging dreams are the establishment of an Al Ahly International Stadium and a permanent museum.

“Some people think that we care more about the football team in terms of expense and services, which is not true, we are walking in two parallel lines, side by side. We care about the football because it brings a large income to the club, but we also focus on the services aspect for members,” said Kandil.

According to Kandil, Khatib’s list aims to present the three branches of the club as one entity, equal rights of members to services and the right to vote, noting that according to the current regulations of the club, members of the Sheikh Zayed branch do not have the right to vote in elections.

He pointed out that members of El Khatib’s list fully believe in the importance of collective work and therefore all members of the list will be responsible for all aspects the club, even if a member is responsible for a particular sector.

“A large part of the programme focuses on improving the conditions for employees and workers at the club, since El Khatib’s list believes that they are a key part of the success of the organisation,” Kandil said.

In response to a question about what he could offer Al Ahly club if he won the elections, Kandil said, “I have over 30 years of experience in banking and investment in Egypt and I was a member of the committee for the development of club resources for two sessions with a group of economists.”

Kandil continued saying, “I grew up in an ‘Ahlawi’ family and I have been a member of Al Ahly Club for more than 20 years, during which I dealt with great members who were present throughout the club’s history. My proximity to the club’s symbols led me to devote part of my time to serve the club and its members.”

“Plus my work in an institution like CIB, the best bank in emerging markets in the world. It is a disciplined institution that adopts collective work, similar to how Al Ahly club and many of its committees have accumulated good experience that I can also employ to serve the club,” said Kandil.

“Al Ahly club deserves the largest number of its members to attend the General Assembly to vote next Thursday, to choose the best management that suits the club’s values and its heritage,” according to Kandil.

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