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Deena Wagdy sheds a spotlight on female originality 

“The collection ‘Noor’ is inspired by the angles and juxtapositions of sunrays—streams of soft light stretching above the dawn, collapsing into the dusk, and clearing the horizon," says the designer 

Image after another, a renowned woman stands under the spotlight and smiles subtly at the camera. They are all dressed in their daily attire of modern uniform. Simple silhouettes meet confident postures. Meanwhile, their glittering eyes are only matched by a number of geometrical tokens of strength.

Diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend. However, in the new millennium women would rather be equipped with stacked bangles, statement earrings, and trendy chokers to face the roaring concrete jungle and keep pace with the professional world.

The artistic meeting between the bold silver and timeless gold highlight the beauty of contradictions. On the other hand, the glimmering elegance of stones adds life to the mix. With that said, geometry remains to be the undisputed knight; attractive, straightforward, and captivating.

Jewellery designer Deena Wagdy has once again championed women with her art-deco designs. For the Noor collection, the designer depended on the everlasting power of circles and determination of straight lines. Wagdy chose to declare her collection a podium from which she could reach out to inspiring female rebels.

Accordingly, the designer hand-picked a number of women—who have managed to speak their minds through art and hard work—to be her advocates of womanhood. The collection was launched through a simple yet powerful campaign, which celebrates diversity and outspoken femininity in the age of squabble.

While a photographer’s appreciation of picturesque frames was translated by lines bordered with rubies, an architecture was proven to be best complemented with a mismatched constellation of circles. Furthermore, the actress was teamed up with a divergent pair of earrings. Much like her diverse roles, the same earring takes several characters depending on the angle.

In parallel, women of all disciplines are approached through pieces that favour classic allure and others that celebrate millennial trends.

Wagdy has successfully found a new undiscovered territory of the year’s top jewellery trend—chokers—through incorporating her eye for antithesis. While aligning her troop of silver circles for articulation, she also kept dainty chains as borders of modernity.

Daily News Egypt sat with the designer to talk about design aesthetic and supporting maverick women.

What was your main message behind “Noor”?

The collection “Noor” (the Arabic word for “light”), is inspired by the angles and juxtapositions of sunrays—streams of soft light stretching above the dawn, collapsing into the dusk and clearing the horizon. The collection gives geometry a soft light appeal.

A mix of the finest sterling silver and 18 karat gold, adorned with a rainbow of vibrant semi-precious gems, including emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Every piece in the Noor collection is subtle yet bold. While being utterly striking, the designs remain subtle. The new collection is simple but multifaceted.

Qualities of contradiction that reflect the women who wear its pieces—women who are their own light, women who shine their light upon the world, women who cannot be defined but whose presence is undeniably definitive.

After two collections, how would you define your design aesthetic?

Simple in terms of aesthetic with geometry as a significant signature. Nonetheless, it remains feminine with a hint of edginess. I believe my jewellery is characterised by constant opposition, blending sterling silver with gold and mixing textures as well as combining matte and shiny finishes.

Why did you choose to feature real women instead of models?

I wanted to use real women, not models, in order to reach out to my target audience and encourage women of different lifestyles to relate to the collection. The campaign #NeverTheSameWomanTwice reflects the brand’s heart and soul; an embodiment of the absolute woman, whose femininity is derived from an amalgamation of contradictions.

Her naked vulnerability is at the core of her evident strength, her wit is her beauty, and her simplicity is quite complex. She is one woman. However, she is never the same woman twice.

What was your criteria when selecting the featured women?

The quality of being a remarkable woman was key.  I chose women who represent my brand—women that have qualities of contradiction, cannot be defined, and cannot be labelled.

I sought women who embrace the many sides of their personality in order to continue breaking boundaries. I wanted women who are unafraid to be themselves, giving them the power to be everything and anything. They are EVERY WOMAN but NEVER THE SAME WOMAN TWICE.

What was your biggest obstacle when manufacturing this collection?

After sketching the designs of the Noor collection, I had to match each design with the extraordinary woman who will be wearing it. I wanted the personality of the woman wearing the piece to speak for the piece of jewellery she is wearing; I wanted to create a conversation between the jewellery and the heroines wearing it. This pairing process was indeed a bit of a challenge.

Which is your favourite piece out of this collection? Why?

I have two favourites, not just one. The Noor Choker and the Sunrise Earrings. I love the choker because it is simple yet quite versatile. I personally like the mix of 18 karat gold and sterling silver. Meanwhile, I am also a fan of layering. The Noor Choker can equally be worn alone or layered with other necklaces.

On the other hand, the earrings represent a bold statement; they are rebellious with a hint of eloquent femininity.

Out of the different characters represented in this collection, which resembles your personality?

I believe that every single one of them has something that resembles my personality. However, Aisha Alshabrawy is the closest to my character; she wears her femininity like an armour of strength.

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