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Alamiria signs contract with Rakta for printing paper supply - Daily News Egypt

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Alamiria signs contract with Rakta for printing paper supply

Local production of paper only meets 40% of the volume of consumption, says Alamiria chairperson

The General Organisation for Government Printing Office (Alamiria) signs a contract with General Company for Paper Industry (Rakta) to supply Alamiria’s needs of printing paper in return for scrap paper, according to a press statement on Wednesday.

Emad Fawzy, chairperson of Alamiria, said that the contract aims at supplying scrap white and coloured paper, which is produced by the daily printing operations, to Rakta, in return for providing Alamiria with printing paper at the lowest prices after deducting the cost of the scrap paper.

Fawzy added that the contract is valid for one year and is renewable.

He pointed out that the signing of this contract targets supporting local industry, especially factories that are experiencing difficulties in marketing their products.

He added that local production of paper only meets 40% of the volume of consumption, and the rest is imported.

“Under this contract, Alamiria will achieve maximum benefit of the huge paperwork that is produced daily in Alamiria to ration expenses, through the exploitation of used paper in the recycling operations carried out by Rakta to produce new paper, which is in the interest of both parties,” said Fawzy.

He added that the contract included the agreement on the prices of the supply of white and coloured paper after deducting the value of scrap paper. The contract set six months to review prices in accordance with changes in market prices and types and quality of manufactured paper.

He explained that the two parties agreed on appointing a technical representative of Alamiria to be present at Rakta to follow up on the paper supply process.

Yousry Al Mahdawy, chairperson of Rakta, said that the company will supply 67 tonnes of printing paper for every 100 tonnes of scrap paper, at least. Furthermore, the minimum supply will not be less than 150 tonnes within one week from the date of supply of scrap paper.

In late December, Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil issued Decree No. 1,157 of 2017 to continue imposing the current export duties on scrap paper at EGP 3,600 per tonne.

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