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Japanese cars top domestic market sales in 11M 2017

Daily News Egypt monitored car sales according to their country of origin from the beginning of 2017 to November, according to the latest report issued by AMIC.

Japanese cars sold reach 32,200 in the first 11 months (11M) of 2017, compared to 37,300 a year prior, and 24,100 Korean cars were sold, compared to 48,000 in 2016, while 13,500 European vehicles were sold, compared to 17,800 the previous year. American cars saw 10,500 vehicles sold compared with 17,700 and 8,200 Chinese cars were sold, compared to 12,000 in 2016.

Opel Astra tops European car sales

Opel Astra topped European car sales in Egypt from the beginning of 2017 to November last year, with 2,559 vehicles sold during 2017, excluding December, according to the latest report by the Automotive Marketing Information Council (AMIC).

The Renault Duster sold 2,145 cars, ranking second in 11M 2017 and the Renault brand also took the third spot with the Kadjar model, selling 1,852 cars.

The fourth was Opel Insignia, with 1,706 cars sold, while Renault Logan was fifth with 1,010 cars, followed by Fiat Tipo with 851 cars.

Meanwhile, the Renault Stepway came in seventh, with 527 sold cars in 11M 2017. Renault Sandero ranked eighth, selling 433 cars, while the Renault San Grande model came in ninth, selling 389 cars. The 10th highest selling European car was Peugeot 301 marking 355 sold cars.

Renault Captur sold 291 cars, Peugeot 508 sold 230 vehicles, Nissan Juke sold 178 cars, Fiat Punto 149 units, and Renault Lodge 109 cars.

Ghabbour Auto tops Chinese cars sold

From the beginning of 2017 to November, Ghabbour Auto topped Chinese car sales with 8,014 cars sold, according to the latest report issued by AMIC.

Top Chinese car sales were dominated by Ghabbour Group, as the top three models sold were licensed to the group. Chery Tigo topped the list of Chinese car sales with 3,077 sold cars, followed by Geely Emgrand with 2,548 sold cars, and Chery Envy with about 2,285 sold cars.

Brilliance V3 marked 145 cars sold, surpassing the previous year’s sales, due to lack of availability at the time as a result of turmoil in the market at the time, the rise in the dollar exchange rate, and the scarcity of the currency.

The Grand Slider came in fifth place with a total of 103 sold cars, followed by Brilliance V5 with 50 sold cars. The Brilliance S30 sold only two cars, while Geely Pandino, Brilliance FSV, and Brilliance H530 sold one car.

Hyundai dominates Korean cars

Hyundai topped Korean car market sales in 11M 2017, while its models remained the top three. Hyundai Verna sold 6,551 cars, Hyundai Elantra HD sold 4,899 units, and Hyundai Tucson ranked third marking 3,320 sold cars.

The Kia brand ranked fourth, selling 2,835 cars, and 2,058 Hyundai Elantra AD were sold.

The Kia Sportage sold 1,357 cars, Hyundai Accent RB 857 cars, the new Kia Picanto sold 398 cars, Hyundai Creta 360 sold cars, Kia Rio 250 cars, Hyundai Solaris 219 cars and Kia Carens 199 cars.

Chevrolet tops US cars sold

The Chevrolet brand topped US car sales with its Optra model, selling 4,175 of that make and the Aveo came in second place with 1,444 sold cars.

Ford Focus came in third place with 1,089 cars sold, followed by Jeep Renegade with 751 cars sold. Jeep Grand Cherokee took fifth place with 625 cars.

The Chevrolet Cruze sold 584 cars, Ford Kuga sold 504 cars, Jeep Wrangler sold 191 cars, Ford Fusion sold 114 cars and Ford C-Max sold 50 cars.

New Nissan Sunny sells 9,742 cars

The new Nissan Sunny continued its position as Japan’s top selling car in Egypt, selling 9,742 cars between January and November 2017.

The Mitsubishi Lancer EX came second with 4,910 cars sold and Nissan Sentra ranked third with 4,892 cars sold during the same period.

Nissan Qashqai sold 3,777 cars to come in fourth place, while the Toyota Corolla came fifth with 3,082 cars sold, followed by Toyota Land Cruiser with 1,394 vehicles sold, and the Toyota Prado sold 1,265 cars to finish in seventh place.

The Mazda 3 sold 753 cars, the Subaru XV 713 cars, the Toyota Fortuner 485 cars, the Toyota C-HR 469 cars, and the Honda Civic 120 cars.

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