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How can women achieve happiness after marriage?

Newly-wed couples regularly suffer much from the fear of the unknown and stress arises when they think of the new stage in their life that they are embarking on. Then, after marriage, they discover that marriage life goes through many changes and developments; sometimes it is boring, or dominated by routine, and other times, it’s …

Newly-wed couples regularly suffer much from the fear of the unknown and stress arises when they think of the new stage in their life that they are embarking on.

Then, after marriage, they discover that marriage life goes through many changes and developments; sometimes it is boring, or dominated by routine, and other times, it’s happy. Those changes are always caused by the couples themselves. We cannot place everything only in the hands of women, as if they have the key or the magic wand through which crises will be overcome and issues are set straight.

But observers cannot deny that women play a large role and that they are an important pillar of the family Who could pay attention to many things after marriage that can turn their and their family’s lives to happiness after marriage. The question is, what are these things? How can women turn their family life into happiness? Is this happiness related to specific things that they should do?

The answer is that happiness in marriage is related to different areas of life. It’s related to having inner peace, related to sports, related to good nutrition, and also related to having a positive motherhood experience.

Daily News Egypt tries to find out how women can be happy after marriage by posing the question to experts in different fields.

Hanan Sabry, life coach, told Daily News Egypt that there is a significant rise in the divorce rate in Egypt for many reasons, which are that young men and women are not eligible for marriage. They don’t fully comprehend the requirements of marriage, or the responsibilities that they must face in wedlock.

She also noted that no one in Egypt reads books about marriage before getting married.

Furthermore, Sabry added that among the reasons for the high divorce rate in Egypt is that the intimacy in relationships between married couples has become very limited due to an increase in addiction to watching porn online and the spread of affairs and other forms of infidelity in Egypt.

Also, she pointed out that there is another problem which is that men often prefer to escape from their home and spend most of their time outside their homes, either sitting with their friends at cafés or sitting at work doing nothing, because they feel neither comfortable nor happy at home, thus women feel that they are always alone at home and thus, this also results in fathers feeling disconnected from their children.

Sabry noted that the solution to those problems is that the newly couples should take courses before marriage on being prepared for marriage, which are regularly held at mosques and churches.

Moroever, she has some tips for couples after marriage to refresh marriage life and to break the routine. This includes neomg keen to participate in the interests of your partner, such as going to the gym, or to devote a day of the week to spend time together, hanging out or making something special together. Couples may also try to form romantic moments and cherished memories, she said, in order to help them overcome their problems. “Also, read a lot of books about marriage because culturing yourself reduces the incidence of problems,” she said.

“Taking into consideration that every age comes with new skills and changes that occur in men and women, that must be accepted and dealt with in the right way,” she asserted.

Finally, she said that when women focus on their dreams, this will solve a large portion of the problems that Egyptian families face, as they will be more focused on their own life and not as preoccupied with their husbands’ movements, thus men will be happier in their homes and will not try to spend most of their time out of them.

How does nutrition affect marriage life?

Lolita, a nutrition expert, is famous for her lifestyle diet service through WhatsApp, told Daily News Egypt that women should maintain their ideal weight throughout their lives, and should not maintain the perfect weight just to wear their wedding dresses, but must be adhere to it throughout life.

She said that a problem most women run into after marriage is that they eat too much during the honeymoon period, and then in the pregnancy period, then they became surprised that they suddenly gained excess weight.

She added that women must get rid of misguided inherited eating habits, and always find healthy alternative foods, explaining that reaching their ideal weight means they will have a healthy life that is free of diseases, as the ideal weight prevents many illnesses, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, etc.

Lolita revealed that throughout her experience in nutrition, she found that women and girls in Egypt mostly suffer from a deficiency of zinc and calcium in their blood.

She explained that the lack of zinc comes as a result of the lack of the vitamin C and the lack of calcium comes as a result of the lack of vitamin D.

So, she advises every woman to expose her child to the sun until the age of six years in order to gain enough vitamin D and to make them eat fresh vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C.

On the other hand, she advised every newly-wed couple, who see a noticeable increase in their weight after a few weeks of marriage, to eat a spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach daily, and to drink plenty of water.

Finally, she assured that having the ideal weight always makes women happy in their lives and that good nutrition is always reflected on their families’ health, which results in a happy life.

What are the problems that new mothers face?

“Am I the only mother who face these problems with my kids?” To answer these questions, Ola Roshdy, an actress, founded “Weghet Mazar” (an Arabic play on words of point of few and mother’s perspective) programme that she screens on YouTube.

Roshdy told Daily News Egypt that she started Weghet Mazar in December 2016. She explained that Weghet Mazar is a programme on YouTube that provides awareness for mothers about motherhood in various fields, including education, medical, and social problems.

She pointed out that the idea of it came when she became a mother, as she experienced many problems with her children that no one told her about before. Thus, she decided to record videos of her children, explaining the problems that she faces with them, in order to share her experience with other mothers and to show how she solved the issues.

She said that when she made the YouTube show, she found that the problems that faced her are the same as those faced by many new mothers and can be summed up in the fact that new changes are happening in their lives and that they can’t deal with these changes due to no one making them aware of or preparing them for these changes.

Roshdy explained that she chose the social media channel as mothers always don’t have time to watch television and, when they can, they cannot always watch a programme at a fixed time, so she decided to make it a show on the internet so that when mothers are available and have free time, they can find it easily.

Finally, through the experts’ remarks, it can be contended that there is no problem-free home, there is no ideal married life, but women must know how to handle problems that arise and live with them in one way or another.

Daily News Egypt interviewed the experts on the sidelines of Our Wedding Carnival, which launched its sixth consecutive edition on 16 and 17 March at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel, where 150 exhibitors showcased the latest fashion and products for all sorts of wedding requirements and modern lifestyles.

This year’s exhibition witnessed exciting new additions, including hosting, for the first time, a special booth for “Super Women Entrepreneurs”, where four women showcased their homemade handicrafts. Also for the first time, the exhibition hosted eight life sessions given by top experts in the field to help future married couples and new families to sail through their new life, which took place on the first day of the exhibition.

The sessions featured actress Ola Roshdy, Hanan Sabry, and Lolita.

Not only that, but Mohamed Sweillam and Nevine Mahmoud also participated, along with radio anchors from Mega FM hosting a lively interactive debate session on how “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.

Other sessions include a live demonstration by Aya Abdel Hamid, a makeup artist, who presented how to apply a flawless makeup look and a session by Mahmoud Fekry, a fitness trainer and specialist, who shared some fitness and exercise tips, in addition to relationship coaches Hossam El-Ghoroury and Fatimah Ghaith, who presented their tips for healthy relationships.

The exhibition’s second day featured three fashion shows showcasing the designs of Syrian fashion designer Ayman Lahmouni’s brand A&L, Atelier Reem, and Tiara Bridal, in addition to Ahmed Essam’s entertainment shows.

For his part, Sherif Ashraf, managing director of Red Square and organiser of Our Wedding Carnival, said that the importance of the event emerges from the rising importance of the wedding industry globally.

He explained that Egypt has all the potential needed for shining in this industry, and thus supporting the Egyptian economy, especially after the announcement of the latest statistics of the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) that more than one million young men and women got married in 2016.

He assured that Our Wedding Carnival tries to provide a variety of affordable offers that suit all budgets, whether in Egypt or in the Arab region, through making available experts from the industry, as well as hotels and venues that hold wedding receptions from all Arab countries.

“Our Wedding Carnival is the first-ever event [in the Arab world] to change the concept of weddings and help couples to start successful domestic bliss, and the world’s second largest wedding festival after Canada,” Ashraf said.

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