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Khebrat to intensify cooperation with government to share technological solutions for national projects - Daily News Egypt

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Khebrat to intensify cooperation with government to share technological solutions for national projects

Our technology solutions are used to implement several New Administrative Capital projects, says El-Khatib

Khebrat, a technological solutions company, plans to expand its cooperation with the Egyptian government and implementing agencies for national projects. According to Ahmed El-Khatib, chairperson of the company, in an interview with Daily News Egypt, the company has many solutions for many developers of projects in the New Administrative Capital in the coming period, along with plans to expand abroad.

How did Khebrat start?

Khebrat started as a company in the Egyptian market in 2005. But before founding the company, I had expertise in the technology department for over 20 years. I was part of the team that localised the Arabic version of Windows in the early 1990s.

Then, I participated in localising Microsoft Word and Excel. By the mid-1990s, I started working in selling software licenses. I was one of the first partners of Microsoft in Egypt selling its licensed products. Eventually, I established Khebrat.

It was named in Arabic to reflect our identity, which means providing all our expertise in the field on information technology through Khebrat.

At the start, the company was a Microsoft partner. Then, in 2008, we were one of the largest three partners in Egypt. We later decided to expand the base of products we offer, so we cooperated with AutoDesk for engineering software.

We focused on engineering software with AutoDesk. Now, we are the largest in terms of market value in Egypt in this area.

What are the features of your plans?

We focus on covering different sectors in Egypt, given that technological solutions match different sectors.

Our business volume is now growing exponentially.

The IT market has many challenges. How are you facing them?

Among the most important challenges the software market suffers from is the spread of unlicensed software. As computers spread in Egypt during the 1990s, the culture was obtaining illegal software as a right.

We work to counter that by spreading awareness and disseminating solutions through addressing companies in different sectors and showing them the role technology can plan in upgrading their work.

What competitive advantages do you have?

The price we offer is our top asset. Yet, the quality and the added-value service have also become top priorities that we rely on to compete. Moreover, we also grant clients training on our solutions.

What are the solutions that are seen as opportunities for growth?

Among the most important solutions in Egypt now is BM 360.

What is BM 360?

Projects are divided into three parts: pre-implementation, implementation, and delivery.

At the first stage, the project is merely in idea. Through the programme, participants can use tools to design the project on the cloud, add and amend any of its parts, each with a specific policy.

For instance, if a company is establishing a residential compound, the owner does not have to hold meetings with the work teams but can do so through the programme on the cloud, using any devices, even tablets.

Work can be observed and followed upon instantly and amendments made right away.

This programme is also based on artificial intelligence (AI), so it carries out all daily tasks of each team member and can predict problems before they happen.

Using this technology, the superior can follow the steps of implementation, instead of holding weekly meetings, follow up on implementation rates, timetables, costs, and delay impact.

This technology also fits different types and project sizes, including villas, residential compounds, or malls.

Are there clients in Egypt using this solution?

We have several real estate developer clients using this software. This technology is being used in a number of projects in the New Administrative Capital, as the most important factors in major projects are time and rates of implementation.

Among the most prominent companies using this technology are Orascom, SODIC, and Talaat Moustafa. In the oil sector, Eni and British Petroleum use the software.

Do you have clients outside Egypt?

We have clients abroad, but our main focus is Egypt, especially with the many growth opportunities here.

Are people aware of this technology?

About 10 years ago, AutoDesk surveyed the most important engineering software used in Egypt. AutCAD topped the list. Yet, the survey showed that only 18% of the software features are used, both in Egypt and on a global level.

The survey was conducted again, and the ratio reached 25% as more trainings were taking place.

What are the most important features of your plans for the coming period?

We have plans to increase cooperation with the government and bodies implementing national project to benefit from our technological solutions.

From your point of view, what solutions are projected to see more demand?

Technological solutions based on AI will spread the most in the coming period.

What are the most important sectors for growth?

The construction, contracting, and petroleum sectors are the most promising sectors.

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