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10 tips for naming a product

Whether you are naming a single seasonal item amongst hundreds of others or you’re naming your core product, what you call it will strongly affect how successful that product is.

What’s in a name?

Quite a lot it turns out.

Whether you are naming a single seasonal item amongst hundreds of others or you’re naming your core product, what you call it will strongly affect how successful that product is.

A name can say a lot about a product and, in so doing, either instil confidence in the consumer or destroy it.

The right name should be descriptive, memorable, and hold positive associations. For example, would you rather buy a chocolate called “Dark Dreams” or one called “Da’ Chocolate”. Even if they were exactly the same, one name is just more appealing.

Here are our 10 tips on creating the best product names:


#1 Do an online search

Before you start, figure out what the competition are doing and what similar products on the market are named.

Once you’ve done that, you can figure out what name ideas to avoid. You should also analyse those names and ask yourself: what do you like about them? And what do you think they didn’t do very well? For example, are they too long?


#2 Be Descriptive

If people can intuitively understand what your product is just from the name, then you’re off to a good start. Use interesting descriptive language that people will understand can instantly engage consumers’ attention, which will help your product stand out and sell. However, too descriptive a product name is boring. Find a thesaurus and look up words with similar meanings and create a list of interesting, relevant terms. Once you have a list of interesting terms, try using Product Name Generator to give you inspiration and generate thousands of product name ideas instantly.


#3 Add a prefix or suffix

Adding a prefix or suffix can be a great way to create an original name that describes your product intuitively. On top of this, adding the same or similar prefix or suffix to your product names can create brand continuity across all your product names, which will make your products easily recognisable as belonging to your brand and instil confidence in your product, like Apple, for example, with their litany of products (iPod, iPhone, iPad). They then add a descriptive suffix to describe individual products.


#4 Use literary devices

Using literary techniques like alliteration, metaphors, or onomatopoeia will help you create a name that is easily memorable. Have some fun, look up synonyms to words that describe your product, and brainstorm catchy ideas.

Just remember, even though you think your product name idea is really clever, other people might not.


#5 Create a compound word

Combining two words to create a new descriptive compound word can be a good way to create a completely original name.

Minipresso, for example, is a mini handheld espresso machine. So, they combined the words mini and espresso.


#6 Use a person or place name

Think of the Jacuzzi brothers. Seven brothers got together to create something that would ease arthritis. A couple of generations later, in 1968, one innovative descendent incorporated the side jets, and the jacuzzi was born, named after themselves.


#7 Make an interesting catchy acronym

If your product name is too long, but you feel like it’s necessary to describe the product like you have, try making it into an interesting acronym. M&Ms for example, is an acronym for Mars & Murries, named after the founders of the company. We can all agree M&Ms is much more memorable than the full name.


#8 Use or make a verb

Using a verb when naming your product can make your product more memorable. Alternatively creating a name that can be used as a verb is an excellent way to help your brand grow. Don’t believe me? Just Google it…See what I did there?


#9 Ask your customers their opinion

Remember that you, your friends, and your family aren’t the target market. That clever idea that you love won’t necessarily ring true for your demographic. Therefore, it’s worth taking your favourite product names to you consumers and getting their opinion. It might surprise you what they go with.


#10 Do your legal due diligence

The final point—you need to be a little careful when it comes to choosing your product name for one reason in particular: trademark infringement. Trademark owners can legally attempt to sue people who they believe are too similar to their trademark.

Impinging on someone’s trademark can cause brand confusion, which could be detrimental to the trademarked business, and to you.

So, before you settle on a name, do a quick check online and make sure the product name you’ve settled on doesn’t step on anybody’s toes.


Bonus: Have Fun!

This is a crucial step towards creating a successful product, but the process doesn’t have to be boring. Get a team together and brainstorm. You want to be thinking outside of the box. Come up with as many crazy ideas as you can. Many of them you will discard them as just that—crazy—but you’ll be surprised just how many of those ideas stick with you.

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