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Tree Trunk: inside jungle food experience

Restaurant an international cuisine for people seeking change of away from regular dinners

At one of Heliopolis’s oldest, Tree Trunk international dinner is located in the most unique places in Korba, surrounded by 20th century design buildings, enabling its guests to have a dinner or lunch inside a small cosy forest adding a further unique change from regular restaurants in town..

e Designed inside as a forest like and decorated with dim lighting along with wood and green colour palette. With trunks, trees and birds, the place takes you in time and place inside as if like a real jungle, yet with a calm, relaxing ambiance.

As an appetizer, Daily News Egypt’s team chose the House Salad. Prepared with dark leafy greens and cucumbers, tomatoes, coloured peppers, sweet corn, and quinoa accompanied with an Italian dressing. With generous portions of fresh Arugula, the combination of corn and quinoa’s sweetness and the peppery bitter arugula, was a quite balanced portion of a total new taste that might sound weird at the beginning; however, after few bites, it wins you over and becomes familiar in an enjoyable way.

The portions are considered a bit small, yet along a main dish for one person it is quite satisfying.

For the main dishes, the team ordered the Creamy Spinach Fettuccine, Chicken Schnitzel, and the Chicken and Mushroom pasta.

The Creamy Spinach Fettuccine was served a bit cold, and was a bit sticky. Despite the obvious strong spinach flavour, which would be liked and admired by spinach lovers, the pasta missed the white sauce flavour, which would have added a better taste if it was larger in quantity. The pasta was served with slight creamy sauce that was almost not prominent as it should have, which was found missing to complete the elements of the dish.

The Fettuccine is served with chicken, salmon, or beef upon request. Ordering chicken with the pasta, the chicken breast was served cut on the top of the plate. For those who like the chicken covered and dipped with pasta’s creamy sauce to have a one themed plate, ordering chicken would not be a favourable choice. The well-seasoned chicken breast tasted good, however, it does not get along the spinach pasta, as it was only seasoned with herbs. The portions of the main dishes were large and satisfying.

The Chicken Schnitzel definitely tops the list of the most delicious ordered plate.

The two large fried chicken breasts are served topped with mushroom, beef bacon, and melted cheese. Ordered with pasta, the plate is completely tasty and overwhelming. The chicken breasts were crispy from the outside and tender from the inside, with the melting cheese and mushrooms, they gave it a savoury taste.

The pasta tasted best with the mushroom sauce. It was well cooked,  moist and fully covered with the sauce. The plate is one of the team’s recommendation.

The Chicken and Mushroom pasta were also considered tasty. With creamy white sauce and well-seasoned and cooked chicken breast, the plate was delicious and widely liked.

Outdoors, Tree Trunk offers seating at one of Korba’s old building balconies. With birds flying and singing at the background, smoothies are mostly recommended to chill in August’s hot wave.

The place’s prices are considered fare, with main dishes varying from EGP 100-180. Reservations are required.       

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