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‘Etgawez’ application offers solutions for couples about to get married - Daily News Egypt

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‘Etgawez’ application offers solutions for couples about to get married

Application helps in choosing design of wedding dais, lighting, procession, says Faheem

‘Etgawez (Get married) is an application specialised in offering its services to couples who are soon to be married. It has attracted about 4,500 users who started interacting with the application even though it was launched only in March.

Ireni Faheem, the co-founder of Etgawez, said that the application provides young couples with all the services needed for marriage, starting from the engagement ring to the venue of their dreams, as well as the design of the dais, the disk jockey (DJ), lighting and wedding processions.

She added that the application has signed contracts with 100 jewellers, makeup artists, and hair dressers, in addition to experts and specialists in the field of weddings to help the groom with all the details, such as choosing the tie, and help the bride with choosing the proper accessories for her wedding night.

Faheem stressed that the application helps couples go to shops that provide their services and goods to couples to be wed through providing links to their pages, as well as phone numbers to allow communication with them inside the application to save time and effort for users.

She added that the application provides a 5-20% discount for users on all its services. Negotiations are ongoing with suppliers to increase the discount over the upcoming period.

She pointed out that the application allows for evaluating the shops in the application through the experiences of previous users in order to enhance the level of the service.

Faheem further revealed that the idea of the application occurred to David Magdy, a founder, when he was getting married and got overwhelmed by the wedding arrangements that he felt the need to resort to the help of specialists, however, this was not available for him. This is when the idea of the application occurred to Magdy.

She said that the most prominent challenge that faced the application was the absence of competing projects. The other challenge lies in many young couples not knowing about the application.

Faheem explained that Etgawez is the first application in Egypt to help young couples about to be married arrange their wedding simply and easily.

She said that the application aims to be like a friend or a relative of the bride and groom, providing them with high professionalism and flexibility and the best wedding day to start a happy joyful life. The application has already started receiving many requests to arrange everything for the young couples, not only directly through the application, but also through a professional who could help them arrange everything. This has been met with a great interaction and demand. One of the largest weddings was in April in one of the major hotels in Cairo.

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