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John McCain: Caller for all wars

John McCain: The biggest and most romantic conservative

Yesterday, the famous US Senator, John McCain, passed away at 81-years-old, following several years of a fight against cancer.

Despite the great history of the late man, his broader fame was in supporting any American military intervention abroad.

On 12 September 2011, John McCain appeared on MSNBC to present a long list of countries he felt could become a safe haven for groups like Al-Qaeda. This list, of course, includes Iraq and many other countries that later appeared on this list.

Soon after the “outbreak” of the Arab Spring in Syria, McCain, along with his partner in war Senator Lindsey Graham, found communication channels with the Syrian opposition–months after the United States (US) supported the demonstrations there. McCain and Graham began their call for armament, for weapons to flow into the Free Syrian Army and other “rebel” groups.

Then, after the events in Libya, he played a big role in sending weapons to the opposition and then in the decisive intervention of NATO.

McCain’s support for the war was not limited to Arab countries, but also spread to Africa.

Although he prayed for no war with Iran, his pro-war stance against Iran prompted the Cato Institute to describe his policy against Iran as extreme.

McCain’s promotion of military intervention in the region was only surpassed by his hostility to Russia and Putin. He described the rumours about Russian intervention in the US elections as an act of war.

His calls for a confrontation with Russia began in 2008 during the war in South Ossetia between Georgia and Russia. McCain called for a meeting of the North Atlantic Council to assess the security of Georgia and review the actions that could be taken by NATO to contribute to the stabilisation of this dangerous situation.

The same call was repeated in Ukraine in 2014.

It was natural for him to also oppose China, but in his view, it had a different fate. He said that the Arab Spring will reach China and called to strike North Korea after going nuclear.

Egypt received a lot of attack from McCain. He was one of the most US officials to defend the Muslim Brotherhood. His role in supporting the brotherhood after the ouster of Mohamed Morsi cannot be forgotten. He visited Egypt in August 2013 to seek a way out for the brotherhood at the time.

McCain did not pass on any chances to attack the Egyptian state and incite against it, through his text statements and the sessions of the US senate. He was one of the senators who took the brotherhood reports that discredited Egypt and sent them to the US congress.

All these calls for war and the urge to intervene in the affairs of other countries have made many, thank God for the sake of mankind, for John McCain’s failure to reach the US presidency despite his two attempts.

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