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Dima Jewellery captures modern Arabian nights at North Coast

‘I always come back with freshest designs ideas for Dima Jewellery,’ says designer

“It is always amazing when talented people from various backgrounds come together to create something artistic and full of life, especially, when the main inspiration is our beautiful Egypt,” says the designer.

It is summertime, and the crowd immigrates to the sandy beaches and turquoise seaside of the North Coast, breathing life into its calm mornings and energising its events and glittery evenings. The country’s real game changers don the coast’s top destinations with mobile phones in hand and the world as their audience. The power of social media brings east and west closer, and international expectations vary between stereotypical scenes to authentic Egyptian getaways. 

Jewellery designer Dima Rashid has always been keen on bridging both sides of the world through the power of her designs. With carved turquoise, golden snakes, and layered sinister eyes, Rashid already captured front covers of international magazines with her contemporary interpretations of traditional cultural tokens.

Dima JewelleryIn a goodbye letter to the current summer season, the designer joined forces with the cosmopolitan style authority Nour Abu Elela and a la Parisian blogger Anika Bozic. The trio captured the essence of a summer under the sizzling sun of Egypt’s North Coast.

“The perfect summer getaway for me is the one where you can relax, refresh, and get inspired with as little distractions as possible. Whenever I am away, I always come back with the freshest and most exciting designs as well as project ideas for Dima Jewellery,” stated Rashid with her summer tan still glowing on her cheeks, “I would rather not do anything but enjoy our beautiful sandy beaches, summer breeze, get together with my family, and of course design with my hand-picked stones,” continued the designer.

The creative shoot mimics scenes which can engage any Egyptian, without forsaking their sought-after global flair. Be it a friendly game of chess, a couple of Turkish coffee cups or a playful puff of ‘shisha’—the shoot portrays a casual afternoon with nothing as urgent as a perfect tan and a relaxing hiatus from the buzz of the capital.

“Around five years ago I visited the North Coast for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the magnificent virgin nature and the beautiful turquoise shades of sea. Up until today, I have been asking myself why is this beautiful coast not on the map of truly amazing places to visit on a world level and only limited to local tourism?” added Bozic, with her blonde locks swaying to the rhythm of the wind, “I love discovering new destinations, but nothing can replace the beautiful white sandy beaches, Egyptian hospitality, and feeling like I am at home.”

As Bozic would best describe it, the garden picture is her favourite shot, as well as the ideal portrayal a foreigner would want to imagine the glamourous life in modern Egypt behind the closed doors. In Bozic’s opinion, it has all the elements of a fairy-tale, a luxurious life, flowers, shishas, fruits, oriental carpets, and beautiful nature.

According to the designer, the team’s combined love for Egypt was the project’s cornerstone. While Bozic’s international allure and deep understanding of the region made them the perfect combo of this summer affair, Abu Elela’s cosmopolitan perspective and modern Middle-Eastern identity made her ideal for the photo story. “Both are a strong reflection of my inspirations ,where I always aim to bridge the East and West in my designs for the woman of today,” explained Rashid.

Sharing the attention together in front of the camera, the stunning soul sisters reflect a true balance between both ends of the world. “Transferring the entire idea into the story needed a partner and I could not think of anybody better than Nour. She is stunningly beautiful, glamorous, from an international and Egyptian background, and most importantly, in love with Egypt like I am,” stated Bozic excitedly.

Aside from the inspiration behind the shoot, the images are also peppered with stone-encrusted local symbols. Given Rashid’s preference to layer her designs, the two models were covered with elaborate stacks of jewellery. Meanwhile, the Pharaonic serpent was also evidently present as a main player. According to the designer, Ancient Egypt has always been one of her biggest muses. Accordingly, she has always been keen on introducing snakes with different interpretations, from bold to abstract. “Snakes are one of those timeless symbols that are an eternal icon of strength and femininity, which beautifully represent Dima women and our philosophy,” said Rashid fondly.

This visual journey to the beach is the brain child of Bozic, who came up with the concept, as well as the cinematic art direction. Meanwhile, it was produced and photographed by Dima Jewellery’s Head of Marketing Rana Kandil. Together, Kandil, Bozic, and Rashid worked on styling the looks, jewellery, and sets for the shoot. “It is always amazing when talented people from various backgrounds come together to create something artistic and full of life, especially, when beautiful Egypt is our main inspiration,” stated Rashid.

Along with the stacked snakes, the styling also paid special attention to the designer’s signature rainbow of 18-carat gold necklaces. After experimenting with golden coins for years until they became an international trend, Rashid currently defines her layered 18-carat gold necklaces as the must have-pieces every summer for Dima women. “They are easy to wear, to layer up or layer down. Meanwhile, they are the pieces you never want to take off. A turquoise piece is timeless, lasts forever, and is my must-have item for the warm season,” concluded the designer.

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