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Techno Pharma Egypt to release 25 new products for women’s hormonal care soon: Refai - Daily News Egypt

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Techno Pharma Egypt to release 25 new products for women’s hormonal care soon: Refai

Egypt’s population currently grows at average 2.6 million people annually; increase devours economic development outcomes, threatens country’s process

The Managing Director of Techno Pharma Egypt, Ahmed Refai, said that the company plans to release 25 new products for women’s hormonal care, including injection tubes, vaginal bleaching, in addition to the tablets.

Refai pointed out during the company’s press conference on Friday that the company aims to export outside the domestic market, in support of the country’s ambitious programme for reproductive health, family planning, work to provide health-care hormones, and drugs for women of different ages,

Techno Pharma Egypt was launched to help meet the needs of the Egyptian market, founded in 2014, and is the newest member of Pharco Group. Notably, Techno Pharma Egypt offers women hormonal care, and treatment, addressing women of all ages in three main therapeutic areas which are contraceptives, hormonal support, and infertility.

“Techno Pharma Egypt’s launch is a milestone in our commitment to provide a range of innovative therapeutic solutions to meet the needs of Egyptian women, in pharmaceuticals and hormones, with the same quality of imported medicines at lower prices, especially since these drugs are used for long periods of life,” Refai stated.

Techno Pharma Egypt’s Managing director, revealed that unplanned pregnancy rates are higher among low-income women.

The company’s current production capacity is 120,000 to 150,000 tablets per hour, announced the managing director.

Meanwhile, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Ain Sham University, Consultant of foetal Medicine at Durham University in the UK, Gasser El Bishry, stressed the importance of family planning, explaining its positive impact on the new born, and women’s health.

El Bishry gave reasons for the low rate of contraceptive use, which is the lack of knowledge and awareness of the various options available, as well as the spread of misconceptions about the use of these means.

For her part, Dr. Maissa Shawky, professor of Public and Community Health at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, former Deputy Health Minister for population, stated that 59% of Egyptian women use family planning methods.

Shawky remarked that the population in Egypt is currently growing at an average of 2.6 million people per year, explaining that this increase rate devours the economic development outcomes, and threatens the development process in Egypt.

“We must work side by side with the private sector, to provide quality family planning services and means throughout the country,” she asserted.

Family planning, and reducing the population increase in Egypt, is a top priority for the country, Shawky insisted.

The former Deputy Health Minister for population expressed her great confidence in the private sector companies, and their support to fill gaps in the urgent need for modern family planning methods, and provide them at low prices, suitable for the Egyptian family.

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