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Ramesside period crypt discovered in Luxor

“The tomb was buried under 300 metres of debris”: Waziri

Within the same month of discovering eight tombs in Saqqara, the Minister of Antiquities, Khaled Anany, announced another discovery of a Ramesside period tomb in El-Assasif, Luxor.

The announcement came in a press conference on Saturday which the minister held in the area of the discovery. The tomb was discovered by the hands of an Egyptian archaeological mission that was working in the area for several months.

Anany said the tomb belonged to Thaw-Rakht-If, the person who was responsible of supervising the mummification shrine at the Precinct of Mut. The mission also discovered at the original entrance of the tomb where Horiwho, a high-ranking priest of Ptah under Ramesses II, was buried.

Two sarcophagi containing mummies were found inside the tomb. Anany described the sarcophagi as “magnificent”, according to state media outlet Ahram Online, as their eyes inlaid with golden sheets.

Anany added that the mission has been working in the area since March and halted in May, before resuming its work in August. Moustafa Waziri, secretary- general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities stated in the press conference that the two mummies found in the tomb do not belong to its owner.

Studies revealed that the mummies actually belonged to a young boy and a girl who were buried in the tomb in a later period from the time it was built.

The tomb also contained 1,000 relics including masks.

Waziri told Ahram Online that “the tomb was buried under 300 metres of debris,” adding that it was accompanied with “five painted wooden funerary masks and a collection of ushabti figurines made of faience, wood, and burnt clay.”

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