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Public Relations: Survival

Public relations is about survival. For me, public relations is life, and the essence of all I do. When I talk about public relations I don’t talk about a profession, I talk about a passion. It is a passion that I believe is a necessity to be able only not to promote one’s self and …

Public relations is about survival. For me, public relations is life, and the essence of all I do. When I talk about public relations I don’t talk about a profession, I talk about a passion. It is a passion that I believe is a necessity to be able only not to promote one’s self and business but also internally to look at areas of growth and development.

No matter the setting I am in, you will always find me discussing the latest in public relations and the latest insights in all industries, and I am always questioned about what does awareness, and an insider view of different sectors have to do with public relations? My answer is survival may be of the fittest, but in our world of public relations, it is of the informed.

public relations is not a press release or an event that is cooked up in the back kitchen.

It is about understanding behaviours and creating an identity and a message that is enhanced through positioning and relationships. It is about having a constant dialogue with partners and the society as a whole. It i’s about raising awareness and education.

On a global and economic level, public relations is about the enhancement of a country’s position externally, and it is about shedding light on the latest in any government. It is also about celebrating successes and showing the world where we stand economically, socially, and culturally.

The positive outcome and reactions ignited by successful public relations strategies eventually have a domino effect in raising awareness and building credibility and trust between governments, countries, and even continents.

This is where the passion for public relations comes in. The ability to interact on a daily basis with stakeholders, opinion leaders, and policymakers in order to formulate real success stories and strategic implementation of these tools is priceless.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that I am limiting public relations to governments and nations because let us be honest, it is the operating businesses that build progress. They are the successes we need to be celebrating. They encourage further participation from foreign investors, and local players, to promote their contribution to economic development through public relations.

Jupiter Commz was founded with the sole purpose of bringing eminence to businesses within Egypt and around the region. It was and still is our belief that stories of accomplishment and success are meant to be shared, learned from, and acknowledged.

Over the years, we worked closely with numerous sectors and businesses in finance, medicine, pharma, automotive, real estate, FMCG, ICT, appliances, women’s empowerment, CSR, B2B and B2C, and they all had one thing in common: the need to be B2H (i.e., Business to Human) and to spread their message. The need to use public relations to achieve their objectives and business success.

From government relations and public affairs to information sessions and roundtables with media and stakeholders to instigating change through corporate social responsibility, public relations is at the core of business continuity, and we are proud to be partners of success with many of these businesses.

I firmly hold that public relations is instrumental in achieving sustainable development for our society, and is a platform that should not be overlooked. With the use of public relations, we are able to rally further investments and support for sustainable initiatives by communicating to the four main pillars of social responsibility: NGOs, government entities, the private sector, and what I personally believe in is fine arts and culture.

A recent experience I’d like to share is Jupiter Commz’s involvement in the communication and raising awareness of the latest exhibition ‘Symphony of Color & Compassion’ by contemporary art pioneer Wesam Fahmy. By using public and media relations, we were able to spread awareness for global good. The exhibit’s proceeds went towards Mohamed Ghoneim’s Mansoura International Centre for Kidney Diseases and Research and Magdy Yaqoub’s Foundation for the Aswan Heart Centre.

By rolling out a number of public relations tactics, we garnered the general public’s interest, and along with Fahmy’s undeniable talent, we managed to raise enough funds to support two local causes which undoubtedly contributed to the socio-economic development of our nation.

So, do you see it now? public relations is not just some “look good” tactic that we use, it’s survival.

Survival of countries, bringing together stronger cross-cultural and economic relations. It’s an integral cog in the sustainable development engine that drives the government and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-2030. It is only through public relations and communications that we are able to educate the general public and key stakeholders.

Egypt and its varied business sectors is continually exerting efforts to tackle the SDGs, and public relations is what sheds light upon these efforts and their importance. Addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment is apparent through the continued work and initiatives of the Business Women of Egypt 21 Association, whom for the past three years Jupiter Commz team have been closely working with and promoting their vision and mission.

I can write endlessly about the importance of public relations, strategic planning, and implementation, but if it is one thing I would love for you to take away from this piece it is this: public relations is not ad-hoc. public relations is not about marketing. public relations is about survival!

“Without publicity, there can be no public support, and without public support, every nation must decay” – Benjamin Disraeli – Former British Prime Minister.

Salah El Din Aloui,Chairman & MD of Jupiter Commz

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