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Two Roman tombs unearthed in Dakhla Oasis

“Second tomb has distinguished paintings which depict mummification process”, says Ayman Ashmawy

The first few weeks of 2019 indicated that the year might follow the steps of 2018, regarding the numerous discoveries which were recorded during the year. The Ministry of Antiquities announced the unearthing of two Roman-period tombs at the archaeological site of Beir Al-Shaghala in the Mout village at the Dakhla Oasis.

Located on the eastern side of the archaeological site, the tombs were found adorned in colours, and depicting scenes from that period. The discovery is a part of the excavation works which were being carried out at the area since 2002, and resulted in the revelation of a total of 10 incomplete sandstone tombs from the Greek era.

Despite being located near each other, each of the two tombs differ in their architectural structures.

The first tomb was found to be built from sandstones.

Moustafa Waziri, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, stated that the tomb is made out of 20 steps which lead to the entrance of the tomb, then pave the way for the main hall which extends from the east to the west.

Waziri stated during a press release, “The hall was built from mud brick, and the entrances of two burial chambers were found in its northern wall,” further explaining, “On top of which, two other chambers were found which include a number of human skeletons, clay lamps, as well as pottery vessels.”

As for the second tomb, it was discovered on the eastern side of the first one. However, it was made from mud bricks, yet its decorations are more vivid and carved with brighter inscriptions and ornaments.    

Ayman Ashmawy, the head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector, stated that the second tomb “has very distinguished paintings which depict the mummification process of the deceased.”

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