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Ministry of Health ready for facing heat stress cases

Drink more liquids, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, the ministry says

Preventive Medicine Administration at the Ministry of Health and Population, announced on Tuesday, a preventive plan to deal with heat stress and sunburn injuries, amid the latest heat wave and climate change.

In a statement, Khalid Mogahed, the spokesperson of the ministry said that the ministry has taken all measures to make sure that hospitals are prepared and ready to receive cases of sunburn injuries.  He pointed out, that the symptoms of the sunstroke appear in the form of a high-temperature body, redness of the face with dryness in the skin and inflammation of the eye.

Also, the occurrence of general stress accompanied by headaches and muscle cramps, and then feeling dizzy with vomiting and a feeling of delirium leads to loss of consciousness with a rapid pulse, breathing is abnormal.

He added that these symptoms may appear suddenly and could lead to unconsciousness, warning that in the case of occurrence of dizziness or unconsciousness, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital, taking into account that the lack of sweat means that the body needs fluids.

Mogahed noted further that the increasing risk of sunstroke may occur as a result of exposure to extreme heat and wet weather for a long time, noting that the most vulnerable groups are infants, young children, the elderly (65 years or older) and patients exposed to convulsions, and those who suffer from chronic diseases, especially heart disease or high blood pressure, pointing out that avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods, to stay safe of the incidence of sunstroke.

Moreover, Alaa Eid, Head of Preventive Sector at the Ministry of Health, advises citizens to be directly exposed to sunlight, drink water or liquids, wear wide loose clothing with light colours especially cotton.

Since the beginning of the week, Egypt is facing a heatwave as temperatures have increased to reach 43 degrees with expectations of more increase on Thursday.  

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