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Reform Joins IKEA in an African Design Mission

Being one of the world's most innovative furniture aficionados, IKEA is synonymous for minimalism and smart solutions

Sustainability and ethical production are finally occupying centre stage in design-based industries. After years of environmentally-dangerous conducts, the world is currently embracing a new production method. With the younger generations preferring practical interiors, furnishing a home is no longer about clutter; rather it is about selecting products with a strong design personality.

Being one of the world’s most innovative furniture aficionados, IKEA is synonymous for minimalism and smart solutions. Meanwhile, IKEA is also notorious for its dependence on a large team of international designers.

Accordingly, the Swedish furniture connoisseur chose to shed light on African design. In collaboration with Design Indaba and 10 African designers, ÖVERALLT explores the contemporary African design theme. The selected designers represent five different countries and specialise in a number of design disciplines, such as fashion, textile, architecture, and furniture design.

Inspired by the need to build bridges and expand the horizons of international design, the limited-edition collection features a few products designed by the award-winning lifestyle and sustainable lifestyle brand, Reform.

The Egyptian brand created four pieces, including a fashion tote bag, a rug, and a cushion. As a continuation of their design aesthetic, the tote bag is a sustainable and ethical choice for the beach as well as the coast side. Available in two sizes, the ÖVERALLT tote is made of upcycled waste crispy packaging material; usually the result of the production of chocolate bars and chips bags.

Known to be one of the most stubborn materials to recycle, the design team at Reform found an innovative method to weave these long threads of waste on hand looms in order to create an intricate and modern product.

In parallel, the flat-woven rug also depended on the same key material; in addition to hemp material, a textile that gives a rug its tough and bristly texture. Finally, the environmentally-friendly cushion embraces an aquatic colour pallet.

With that said, the collection in general strives to advocate global unity while demolishing mistaken stereotypes. Through featuring a range of furniture and home décor, the ÖVERALLT collection aims to expand the limited perspective the global audience has about Africa and African creativity.

Each piece reveals a tale about African designers, their diverse cultural traditions, and their craftsmanship.

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