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Mondia considers Egypt the company’s future technology hub

The group inaugurated their latest offices in Cairo, praising the Egyptian human element

The leading mobile technology company Mondia, inaugurated on Monday their new office in Cairo, celebrating the new phase it is about to launch in Egypt and Africa.

The new technology hub is planned to be home for the company’s latest mobile services and telecommunication industry where hundreds of Egyptian technical developers and designers can bring the latest used technologies in the entertainment and communication fields.

The leading technology company offers products and services rebranded to the required business, and create uniquely customised content and platforms. Operating in 10 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, Mondia managed to reach millions of users in the fields of health, entertainment, and communication services.

The CEO of Mondia Group, Amadeo Rahmann, celebrated the event saying that it is the first step in the company’s expansion plan for the next few years, stating that their investment in Egypt brought more than they previously expected.

“Since we came to Egypt four years ago, we have not only invested money, but also invested in people who proved to be real talents, and have quite unique skills that only need a chance to be invested in,” he told the media in a round-table following the opening.

Despite having a number of challenges at the first two years of establishing the Cairo branch, the high board explained that the unique human element and qualifications Egypt offers is the main pillar that will help the company push forward and grow.

The company’s headquarters is located in Germany, yet Rahmann asserted that the board plans to have Egypt as the “future technical hub for the whole group, including the different branches across the world.”

“Egypt has the advantage of saving money: investing in two people here in Cairo is the same money of hiring one in Germany. A point that is always in favour for Egypt,” Rahmann explained.

Mondia is currently well-established at providing entertainment services for telecommunication companies. According to Rahmann, the company is seeking to invade the online gaming, banking, medical, and insurance sectors based on the existing plan of providing a wider range of applications.

As for the global trends taking over the technology sector nowadays, Rahmann pointed out that the company is currently focusing on mobile payment, health applications, and artificial intelligence as well as online gaming applications.

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