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How can Egypt benefit from the roll-out of the 5G network?

Relative to gaining regional influence, the country’s prioritized instrument has and will continue to be the tourism sector as tourist’s arrivals increased by 30% in 2019

Egyptian consumers and businesses have long anticipated the arrival of the 5G era in the country after the race of roll-out has created conversations around the world on its impact on various industries like healthcare, tourism, and much more. How will Egypt benefit from this specifically? It is expected to compose user experience through smart education, smart transportation to remote entertainment, and everything in between, for improved levels of performance, efficiency, and cost. It is additionally aimed to empower new user experiences and connect new industries utilizing automatic driving, holographic conferences, cloud VR.

Huawei, the global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, has had a leading role in the 5G area worldwide. They issued a white paper indoor 5G scenario which provides richer services and further extends industry boundaries, proving that it can assist enterprises to improve production efficiency and build smart production systems, such as smart factories, smart mines, and smart hospitals.

Relative to gaining regional influence, the country’s prioritized instrument has and will continue to be the tourism sector as tourist’s arrivals increased by 30% in 2019. The technological advances in attracting tourists will be sufficiently improved through services that are technically empowered. Imagine visiting the great pyramids of Giza and understanding the rich history through listening to tourist guides on 5G phones, or virtual audio guides, and enhancing this experience further through sophisticated applications with augmented reality. This digitalized experience is set to change the setting for tourists globally, providing a different level of quality.

Huawei has further developed a full range of 5G solutions and continuously innovates to achieve large-scale 5G commercialization by transmitting 4k 360 degrees real-time footage to be transmitted to VR Glasses. Transmitting such heavy content would not be doable except with 5G technology. This technology can be used for surveillance and touristic purposes. This new technology was showcased during their participation in the World Radio Communication Conference (WRC) held in Sharm ElSheikh, Egypt from October 28th to November 22nd.

As Egypt continues its journey of digital transformation, revolutionizing healthcare and medical services is imperative for the country to continue competing against other emerging markets in the region. 5G wireless networks will revolutionize healthcare providing more effective and lower-cost medical services. Through wireless communications, smart medical data collection will be more efficient and timely. 5G will provide access to the cloud, enabling the robot to communicate with patients and medical staff. When a patient boards a 5G connected ambulance, the doctor can use the in-vehicle medical equipment to complete medical examination like a blood test, ECG test, or a B-mode scan. This will save more time for rescuing the wounded and increasing the rate of treatment success.

As the government continues to place consistent effort to develop infrastructure through smart cities, 5G intends to play an important role in this evolution. The enactment of the network through smart building property infrastructure is just as important as water, electricity, and gas services. It will become the core of smart city evolution, meaning more possibilities for creating a digitalized industry. 5G will, in turn, provide a reliable, predictable network, enabling industry-centred applications to keep up with differentiated and deterministic requirements for various sectors.

To sustain the continuity of 5G in emerging markets, it is important to consider environmental sustainability in the process. With this set into consideration, we created solutions via 5G networks coordinating energy conservation. The innovative PowerStar solution enables coordinated energy consumption on multiple bands for various radio access technologies, which reduces site energy consumption by 15% or above, promoting sustainable and green 5G development.

Vincent Sun is the CEO of Huawei Egypt

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