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Vested Summit kicks off its SDG-driven agenda as e-cars convoy arrives at Sahl Hasheesh - Daily News Egypt

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Vested Summit kicks off its SDG-driven agenda as e-cars convoy arrives at Sahl Hasheesh

Nine e-cars travelled as a convoy from Cairo to Sahl Hasheesh, taking a charging stop at Ain Sokhna

Vested Summit, the world’s first conscious technology summit, kicked off on the ninth of November in Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada and will last until November 11, gathering global and regional audiences and speakers from over 35 countries.

Conscious technology refers to start-ups and companies using technology to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. Vested summit is powered by SkaleUp ventures to use technology in solving the world’s most pressing issues.

Vested Summit kicked off with simultaneous workshops, followed by a press conference, where the summit’s team announced its major activities, the Conscious Route and Underwater 3D-printed Coral Pyramids Gardens.

The press conference was attended by Founder and CEO of SkaleUp Ventures Salma El-Hariry, and Egyptian Resorts Company’s (ERC) CEO Wael El Hatow who explained the mind-set behind this year’s content.

“Technologies help us leapfrog with emerging markets, connecting these talented hidden gems and underdogs, with the right global resources they need, including investors, knowledge or skill sets. Being able to see all of this coming together, where people are flying from every corner of the world to make that objective of ours happen, is something that feels to me like a dream come true,” says El-Hariry.

On the other hand, El Hatow said, “As a new town such as Sahl Hasheesh emerges with significant infrastructure and developments, it allows for many areas to test and prototype new innovative solutions that could help with the sustainable development of the entire city. Hosting this attractive conscious tech movement in Sahl Hasheesh means not only the growth of emerging markets but also putting Sahl Hasheesh on the global innovation map.”

In an attempt to incorporate the United Nations’ Social Development Goals (SDGs) into its content and activities, Vested Summit hosts two activations related to the seventh SDG (Clean Energy) and the 14th SDG (Life Below Water).

The clear energy activation was established with The Conscious Route to Vested Summit through which nine electric cars travelled as a convoy from Cairo to Sahl Hasheesh, with a charging stop at Ain Sokhna. The convoy started moving on the eighth of November, in collaboration with Revolta, the first electric-vehicles charging network in Egypt and North Africa.

As for the second activation in accordance to the 14
th SDG, the team is printing the first digitally fabricated coral garden in the Sunken City in Sahl Hasheesh to be descended into the sea on November 11. The 3D-printed corals are made of sustainable materials, including bioplastic (PLA) – a biodegradable, eco-friendly material with low degradation rates in ambient temperatures. The corals encompass a concrete filling for extra weight, allowing the reef to last longer underwater, using stainless steel rods to attach it to the seabed.

The structure will be installed by a team of divers to keep and restore a sustainable and biodiverse marine life.

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