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Israel strikes dozens of “Iranian” targets in Syria  - Daily News Egypt

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Israel strikes dozens of “Iranian” targets in Syria 

According to Israeli army, four Syrian missiles were fired towards Israel

Israeli forces announced striking dozens of military targets in Syria belonging to the Iranian Quds Force, a unit in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and the Syrian Arab Army on Tuesday night. Two civilians were reportedly killed in the Israeli air attacks.

Syrian media said that the Syrian air defence forces “destroyed” most of the Israeli rockets before reaching their targets.  

“The rules have changed: Anyone who shoots at the State of Israel during the day will not sleep at night. Like last week and now this week. Our message to Iran’s leaders is simple: You are no longer immune. Wherever you stretch your tentacles-we will hack them off. The IDF will continue to protect Israeli citizens,” said the Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett following the strikes. 

Israeli fighter jets targeted dozens of militants in Damascus, west of Damascus and the Syrian Golan Heights, the ministry spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said in a media statement on Wednesday.

According to the Israeli army, four Syrian missiles were fired towards Israel. “During the attack, Syrian air missiles were fired, despite a clear warning that was ignored. As a result, several Syrian aerial defence batteries were destroyed,” the Israeli army said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that “whoever attempts to harm us [Israeli], will harm himself.” He added that Israeli attacks on Syria came as a response to the Iranian attacks on Israel from Syria.

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