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Rouhani, Khamenei accuse “enemies and foreigners” to be behind Iran protests - Daily News Egypt

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Rouhani, Khamenei accuse “enemies and foreigners” to be behind Iran protests

Iranian government claims situation has settled down, while more casualties and arrests are reported

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that his government defeated the “enemy’s conspiracy” and were celebrating their victory in reference to deadly protests that have erupted in Iran’s provinces on Friday after fuel price rose by at least 50%.

Iranians have defeated the “enemy’s conspiracy” and were celebrating their victory, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday after deadly nationwide protests against a gasoline price hike throughout the country.

Rouhani said that the protest was organised by a small group aiming to damage Iran, which is why he ordered his government to deal with their attempts.

“It turned out that the Iranian nation’s enemies have hired mercenaries to inflict damages on people’s lives and livelihood, and they did not even show mercy towards children, he said, adding, “This shows that the small group has acted against the country, homeland, and national interests”.

He also continued, “as the Supreme Leader said, our people have foiled the enemies’ plots in face of different incidents, and they become victorious over the recent plots hatched by the enemies”.

“That is to say that the nation of Iran has shown the world its vigilance, awareness, unity, and solidarity with the entire system of the Islamic Republic,” he added.

He concluded, “We should act decisively against mercenaries who act against our security so that our country moves towards excellence, development, and security”.

Similarly, on Tuesday, “Both friends and foes should know that we have repelled the enemy in the war of military, political and security issues,” said current Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in reference to protests taking place in Iran against fuel price hikes.

“We have repelled the enemy in various areas, and by God’s grace, we will also definitely repel the enemy in the economic war,” he added.

Iran’s protests continued on its fifth day on Tuesday despite Iranian authorities claim that the situation has calmed down after warning protestors of taking decisive actions and cutting off the Internet.

Officials have confirmed five deaths, including three security personnel stabbed by “rioters.”

However, London-based rights group Amnesty International on Tuesday reported that more than 100 demonstrators have been killed across Iran since the authorities ordered security forces to crack down on demonstrations.

At least 21 were killed in the cities, and the organisation said, “the actual death toll may be much higher, with some reports indicating that some 200 protesters were killed. “

Similarly, on Wednesday, the head of Tehran police announced the arrest of many of what he described as “the main leaders of recent riots in the Iranian capital,” adding that “these people are bad people and disrupt public order, and that’s why we dealt with them strictly.”

He added, “We will not allow” those who violate security, order, bully and bad people “to harm public order, according to Iranian news agency ISNA.

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