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Arab Parliamentary Union discusses ’Deal of the Century’

No viable solution without the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, says  Al-Tarawneh

Representatives of 20 Arab parliaments attended the 30th urgent session of the Arab Parliamentary Union in Jordan on Saturday to discuss Trump’s “Deal of the century” under the slogan “Supporting the Palestinian brothers in their just cause, the issue of Arabs and Muslims”.

The session came upon the request of the President of the Arab Parliamentary Union Atef Al-Tarawneh.

Al-Tarawneh said in an opening speech during the session “There is no viable solution without the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem,affirming that the Jordanian position is firm in defending the Palestinian cause.

He said that the Palestinian issue is going through its most difficult stages, which requires research in taking positions beyond those that are limited to speeches and slogans.

“Our meeting is a step towards integrating Arab efforts to form a common position, I call for unifying the Palestinian ranks and ending the division … We desperately need a headline that unifies the ranks, and nothing is better than Palestine for Unification, he added.

In his speech about the deal of the century, Tarawneh said “The century deal blew the foundations on which international legitimacy decisions were based, and confiscated the rights of the Palestinians. There is no capital in Jerusalem, no return of refugees, no land related to conscience and construction, it is a lost deal for those who wrote and adopted it or found some right in it and some dignity”.

For his part, the headChairperson of the Palestinian National Council, Salim Al-Zanoun, said: “The Century deal revokes the right of 6.5 million Palestinian refugees to return, the US  planUS’s plan left only 11% of the area of ​​historic Palestine for us.”

We will not accept what was stated in the so-called cCentury deal, and we will not accept to be without Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine,” he also said.,

Al-Zanoun appreciated the Jordanian role led by the King of Jordan towards the Palestinian issue, and renewed the Palestinians’ rejection of the settlement projects and the alternative homeland in any way.

He called for firm actions from regional and international parliamentary unions, and urged them to reject that “deal” as a reference to peace, and to hold Israel and the Trump administration accountable for its grave violations of international legitimacy.

On January 28, US President DonladDonald Trump announced his peace plan between the Palestinians and the Israelis, which included the establishment of a Palestinian state in the form of an archipelago connected by bridges and tunnels, and its capital in parts of East Jerusalem, while making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

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