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52,000 telecoms user complaints registered in Q1 of 2020 - Daily News Egypt

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52,000 telecoms user complaints registered in Q1 of 2020

Total of 97% of all complaints resolved, with largest number of complaints on ADSL services

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) said it has received 52,000 complaints from telecommunications service users during the first quarter (Q1) of 2020.

The complaints covered mobile, Internet and ADSL services, with about 97% of the problems resolved.

According to the NTRA report, the largest percentage of user complaints was for ADSL services, amounting to 23,300 complaints. Of this figure, 53% concerned Telecom Egypt, 20% for Vodafone, 16% for Orange and 10% for Etisalat. All complaints were resolved, with a response rate of 4.8 days.

The NTRA added that a total of 16,200 complaints relating to mobile services were made, of which 39% were against Vodafone, 38% against Orange, 18% against Etisalat and 4% against Telecom Egypt.

The response rates for these reached 100% across the board, except for Telecom Egypt which had a response rate of 96% and Orange at 94%. The average time taken to resolve complaints was three days.

The number of complaints from landline services reached roughly 10,700 complaints during Q1 of 2020, with 97.2% of these complaints resolved after they were escalated to NTRA. The average time taken to resolve these complaints was 7.35 days.

The NTRA said that ADSL complaints were mostly about quality of service, which accounted for 31% of the 23,300 complaints. Complaints related to service interruption reached about 22% of the total, while 20% were related to difficulty in subscribing to the service.

A further 10% of the complaints were related to the difficulty of moving between operators, while the percentage of complaints expressing dissatisfaction with customer service and the lack of clarity in marketing offers reached 4%.

A total of 16,200 complaints were made on mobile services, of which 43% of these were due to the difficulty of transferring between operators. A total of 18% of complaints were made on consumption, with 13% due to quality of service. A further 8% of complaints were for line disconnections due to lack of data.

About 6% of the complaints related to customers being signed up for services without their consent, a further 4% of complaints related to the virtual money portfolio, and 3% related to line ownership.

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