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International Day of Yoga: Indian Embassy in Cairo launches free online classes on 16 June - Daily News Egypt

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International Day of Yoga: Indian Embassy in Cairo launches free online classes on 16 June

Classes aim to boost general well-being and productivity

In celebration of the International Day of Yoga on 21 June, the Embassy of India in Cairo will offer a series of free online yoga classes to businesses and their employees across Egypt.

This year, as part of the celebration and promotion of health and wellness through yoga, the embassy will provide a 90-minute class for three days starting from 16 June. The sessions, which will start at 18:00, are set to include gentle asana or stretching exercises, Pranayam (breathing techniques), and relaxation techniques.

The classes will target employees as yoga is well known to help boost productivity, improve decision making skills, and increase the ability to multitask whilst also enhancing a positive attitude.

Yoga is much more than a method of burning calories and toning muscles. It is a mind and body workout, encouraging practitioners to flow through strengthen and stretch poses along with deep breathing techniques to relax the mind and body.

While other exercises take care of physical aspects, yoga goes beyond that to help practitioners control and create a healthy mind and body.

Launched in 2014 following an address to the UN General Assembly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 21 June has come the international day for celebrating and practicing yoga.

The Embassy of India in Cairo has, for the past five years, also celebrated the International Day of Yoga in Egypt. It uses the day to promote well-being and help people worldwide come together, and discover a harmony with nature.

The celebration is supported by various global leaders, with over 170 countries participating every year in the event.

Widely practiced in the modern age for its immense health and relaxation benefits, Yoga is a spiritual practice that uses breath control, meditation, and the adoption of specific body postures called asana. The practice of yoga is frequently used for its power to heal the entire body.

There are more than 100 different forms of yoga, with some fast paced and intense, and others that are more gentle and relaxing. Yoga is an invaluable gift with an extensive and ancient tradition in India. It encourages a holistic approach to health and well-being, bringing unity of mind and body, thought and action, in addition to creating harmony between man and nature.

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