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Yasmin Yousri: The cancer-beating fashion stylist that never lost hope

Social media can help people find out more about themselves and discover new talents they never knew existed, says Yousri

Whatever social media platform you open up, you are sure to come across and find inspiration in motivational speaker and fashion stylist, Yasmin Yousri.

Sharing a range of posts featuring positive content and styling tips, Yousri provides her own unique inspiration to social media users.

Following her rise to prominence as a social media-based fashion stylist and positivity guru, Yasmin revealed during a television interview that she has also survived cancer three times. This latter piece of information has surprised many, not least due to her unfailing positivity despite the tough struggle she has faced.

Yousri talked to Daily News Egypt on her journey with cancer, and how she became the prominent social media influencer that she is.

Can you tell readers more about yourself?

I am a graduate of Cairo University’s Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences. I quit my job six years ago to follow my passion, which is to be a certified Fashion Stylist & Art Director. This is in addition to my Instagram page, and I am now working on building up my TikTok account. 

Tell us more about the story of shifting from cancer fighter to a successful social media influencer.

Between 2007 and 2012, I fought cancer three times. I had a Bone Marrow Transplant once, and I was also in isolation for over five months. The whole experience changed my perspective on life. When all this was over, I tried to slide back into my corporate life, but I couldn’t, and it was then that I decided to quit that to pursue my dream.

In the beginning, I was afraid of posting videos that would be seen by the public. But then I encouraged myself, thinking that I have nothing to lose and that I will never be able to make everybody like me or the content I post. So I started posting videos, and surprisingly the positive feedback was a lot more than the negative ones I received. I am currently posting on TikTok as it gives me the chance to be creative and have fun while styling clothes. I still have a lot to work on and more to show, and I really do think the sky’s my limit.


Yasmin Yousri

What is the main aim and idea of posting those videos? 

I aim to teach ladies a variety of styling tips and fashion hacks. I love being creative in the videos I post, and I am having so much fun making them. I believe it is an important factor that can be seen throughout my account that I am very passionate about the content I’m posting. I strongly believe that being passionate about the work you do is really importance.


How many people on average watch your videos, and how many followers do you currently have?

The average views per video on my TikTok account are between 150,000 and 200,000 views. I have almost 35,000 followers on TikTok at the moment.


What are your main fashion and skincare tips for women as we live with the coronavirus?

My two main fashion tips are that you should be comfortable, and that you should avoid buying things that you most likely won’t wear. 

Regarding skincare, I happen to believe that the coronavirus outbreak is the best thing to have happened for our skin, since we can have a long break from applying make-up! My current skincare regimen is that I moisturise my skin on a daily basis. I also have a mini self-care day on a weekly basis, where I create some DIY masks, depending on my skin’s needs. On a monthly basis, I use my Derma Roller, which is something that I taught myself and added to my routine during the pandemic.  


In your opinion, how has the pandemic affected people’s social media usage, and how did it impact the fashion and skin care industries?

At the beginning of this pandemic, I felt that people were still trying to cope with the uncertainty of the situation. Being on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, I felt that the audience reacted differently on each platform.

Facebook was all about the news and facts, Instagram was all about the inspiring pictures and videos that aimed to encourage people to stay home. TikTok boomed during this period, as it brought us all together through fun challenges, informative one-minute vlogs, and much more. 

Regarding the fashion industry, as people were not able to go out, they started resorting to online shopping. We can see the curve of online sales going upwards, especially in loungewear and comfortable clothes that would suit staying home. 

The same goes for the skincare industry. As I mentioned before, the quarantine was the perfect time for self-care and giving our skins a break from all the makeup, environmental pollution, and much more. 


How can social media help people overcome any challenges they might face during the pandemic?

I believe that social media can become a tool that helps people find out more about themselves and discover new talents they never knew existed. Some people have now become famous TikTokers, some have become cooks, and others have started their own businesses and much more. 

What are your aspirations?

I want to show people in our region that cancer survivors have a life after cancer. I aspire to celebrate all cancer survivors and strong fighters. 


Are you planning to switch from social media influencing to TV presenter in the future?

Being a TV presenter is a childhood dream of mine, so no one knows what the future holds!

What is your advice for girls who are following you?

My advice is to be patient and to follow your dreams. Being successful and achieving your dreams does not have to come at a certain age. As long as you are breathing, you are achieving a new and greater thing. Never lose hope or give up on your journey. 

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