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Opinion| Letter to A Mentor That She Will Never Read

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Opinion| Letter to A Mentor That She Will Never Read

As a mentor, you gave us a passion for knowledge as the one who made sure to put us at the forefront and on the right path

Dear late mentor and great mother figure, Dr Ghada Abdel Qader, the elegant professor of English Language at the Faculty of Arts, University of Banha. I trust you are well as usual.

As one of your sincere sons, I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to transfer a gratitude letter from your students.

Dear Dr Ghada, you were a mother before being a professor, and I know that you are missed. Your absence is felt every day of our lives. I can never forget you. A part of us is still lost, and I am wondering if we will ever get it back. Maybe that piece is in heaven with you, and someday you can put it back in us.

We (your students and sons) are aware that you did your best to plant in our minds the love of knowledge, and paved the way for us to reach the highest ranks.

Today, our honourable mother, we have the most beautiful wishes for you that we trust will reach you, despite the fact that you are no longer among us as you have moved to heaven, and we raise our letters studded with the meanings of love to tell you thank you. But the word thank you is a small word that never gives you your right, and it does not compensate you for your continuous support for your students.

You gave us a passion for knowledge as the one who made sure to put us at the forefront and on the right path. My dear mentor and professor, shaping minds is the most difficult job one can ever face.

We testify that you have built the minds of many generations and honed the personalities of your students with what befits developed societies. Today, many of them occupy prominent positions, all this is because of you.  You put us in the right direction when we got lost.

You guided us to the sources of culture and revived the legacy of our fathers and grandfathers, you made books and notebooks our true friend, so let us express to you a great pride that one day we were students, we learn from you all the seeds of good and love.

My distinguished mentor, many of us now reached honourable positions, we all admit that you are the basis for everyone to reach their scientific ranks, we are trying to be at your best expectation through facilitating the lives of people and society.

As you always hoped, we are always keen on developing ourselves despite obstacles, we are following what you have taught to us from good morals and meanings of love.

My second mother and my honourable professor, Dr Ghada Abdel Qader, had we been able to fulfil your right, we would have never waived, but your reward in heaven is great, because you carried the solemn message of education seriously, and you fulfilled its right.

To the reader, remember to always smile. It might make somebody’s day.

Always share a smile as she always hoped.

Taha Sakr: a political journalist with seven years experience in TV and newspapers. His works featured in Daily News Egypt, Cairo Post, and Egypt Independent.

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