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Egypt’s Al Mahsama Water Reclamation Plant wins ENR best water project award

The Egyptian government has long planned to settle more people and develop farmland in the sparsely populated and arid Sinai Peninsula. As part of that plan, the government and its Engineering Authority for the Egyptian Armed Forces built one of the world’s largest water-reclamation plants on the eastern edge of the Suez Canal. The plant, which was completed in just one year, aims to help the government address the growing threat of water scarcity.

Daily News Egypt

Egypt’s new data protection law and what it means for business

On 15 July 2020, Egypt also joined the exclusive club of Middle Eastern countries with national data protection laws, publishing the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No 151 of 2020). Coming into force on 14 October 2020, the PDPL brings a wide range of new obligations for businesses.

Nabil Diab

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