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How Is Bitcoin Doing in the Gaming Industry

Bitcoin’s blockchain technology has fascinated developers.

 Gaming is more than a hobby. Gaming is a way of life. Millions of people all over the world are ardent gamers that enjoy various kinds of games. Some prefer going online and testing their skills against others while other gamers prefer playing games solo and enjoying the experience.

Nevertheless, the gaming industry makes sure to oblige both parties. Gaming can be tough but it can be relaxing. Luckily there are thousands of titles that you can choose from. There are those for mobile, console, or PC gamers. In short, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

But how does the industry do it? Well, it follows certain trends and makes sure to incorporate them. Mobile gaming is one such trend and you can find lots of games in various app stores. By keeping an eye out for trends, the industry has incorporated Bitcoin.

There are some platforms that accept it as a payment method for games and gift cards. But when it comes to games, Bitcoin’s blockchain technology has fascinated developers. That resulted in several titles that form today’s crypto market. Some of those games include the likes of:

Bitcoin Flip

The title of this game tells you that Bitcoin is a big part of this game. Bitcoin Flip is a simulator, one of the most popular games in the industry. When you’re thinking of a simulator you’re thinking of the racing and sports games that have been coming out throughout the years.

Bitcoin Flip simulates a market where you trade with Bitcoin. Real-time prices and several tools are available to make the trading realistic. You’ll learn all the basics of a Bitcoin trader and you’ll be more skilled when you start trading with real money. In other words, you’ll know how to react in various situations.

Making important decisions is a crucial skill when it comes to Bitcoin trading. That’s why you can get help in the form of a trading bot. These are efficient because they are based on algorithms for that specific purpose. If you’re looking for a platform then you can give bitcoin future  a try.

Merge Cats

Matching games are pretty popular, especially among mobile gamers. That’s why there are so many such games available in app stores. Merge Cats lets you match various cats that appear in the game. However, it comes with daily challenges that can reward you in Bitcoin.

Spells of Genesis

Trading card games are some of the oldest games in the history of gaming. Spells of Genesis is just one new title on the block that shows some promise. You’ll have multiple factions to choose from when making your deck and you’ll have lots of opponents to beat. By beating them you’ll get new cards and make your deck stronger. Naturally, you can opt for in-app purchases with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is another trading simulator. Bitcoin is just one of the supported cryptocurrencies in the game but you’ll get real-time information about them all. In other words, it’s not that different than the real market. What’s interesting about Altcoin Fantasy is that it offers various competitions. In these competitions, you can test your trading skills and if you come out on top then you’ll get a great reward. The reward comes in the shape of real Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency that you might prefer.


Through the crypto gaming market, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are paving the way for the crypto gamer. Although it’s a new type of gamer, this one will have several titles to choose from in the future. The gaming industry has been doing well throughout the years which is why its value is expected to grow by 2023.

Along with the other trends like VR and artificial intelligence, Bitcoin is making a name for itself in the gaming industry. By doing so it increases its popularity which is why through the more common usage of the cryptocurrency there will be more crypto gamers in the coming years.


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