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Egyptian diplomatic efforts ‘turning point’ for Libya crisis: Foreign Minister - Daily News Egypt

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Egyptian diplomatic efforts ‘turning point’ for Libya crisis: Foreign Minister

Country supports every attempt to support Libya's stability, says Minister Shoukry

Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry has confirmed that Egypt’s intensive efforts in Libya have helped resolve the conflict in the latter.

Shoukry also said that Egypt had intensified its negotiations with all Libyan parties to counter the movements of external parties. It had aided in negotiations to find a solution between the Libyan factions, as well as build a unified and stable country.

In his speech to Egypt’s House of Representatives, he added that Egyptian efforts represented a turning point in the course of the Libyan crisis.

It was an explicit call to adhere to a political solution for the crisis, and stop operations and military escalation.

This was confirmed by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during his speech last June, at the Sidi Barani military base in Western Egypt. During the speech, President Al-Sisi highlighted his country’s view that the Sirte-Jufra area represents a red line for Egypt and its national security.

Shoukry said that this matter was followed by an intensification of Egypt’s contact and meetings with all relevant regional and international parties. This took place to build on its efforts, and saw interactions with many Libyan parties, to urge them to return to negotiations.

These negotiations would eventually lead to a comprehensive settlement of the Libyan crisis, whilst addressing all forms of external interference.

“We intensified our efforts to preserve Libyan security and capabilities,” Shoukry said, “We also seek to stop foreign interference in the Libyan affairs, so that the country does not become a haven for terrorist organisations, and put pressure on Egyptian security.”

He added that Egypt is closely monitoring the situation in Libya.  Cairo has made several contributions in putting an end to the crisis since the 2015 Skhirat Agreement.

Egypt supports all efforts aimed at stability, security and the preservation of Libyan institutions, Shoukry said.

He noted that President Al-Sisi had to determine the red line, as it eventually led to a halt in the Libyan conflict. It also activated international agreements represented in the Berlin Conference and its aftermath.

Shoukry stressed that Egypt seeks to communicate with all Libyan parties to support the Skhirat Agreement, and achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people for stability and security.

Moreover, Shoukry confirmed that his ministry maintains a strong presence across the Middle East, whether in Syria, Yemen, or Iraq, as well as the Gulf. It is also involved in the security file for the Red Sea region, whilst providing support for Sudan and strengthening relations with the country.

In response to questions presented by the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, Shoukry said, “There are about 6 million landmines in areas that our people in Matrouh and other places are affected by. The Armed Forces spent massive amounts of money and were able to evacuate many areas to protect the most vulnerable citizens.”

He added that Egypt has demanded that those countries involved in armed conflict in the country during World War II acknowledge both their legal and moral responsibilities.

However, Egypt has found that these countries have not met their obligations, he noted. Nevertheless, the armed forces are making great efforts and spending great funds to remove the landmines in order to protect the lives of Egyptians.

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