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Nawa Pro launches 1st interactive electronic database to serve Egypt real estate market - Daily News Egypt

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Nawa Pro launches 1st interactive electronic database to serve Egypt real estate market

Company aims to register one million customers by 2022

NAWA for Real Estate Services (Nawa Pro) has launched the first online platform integrating everything related to Egypt’s real estate sector.

It gathers together all service providers in the sector on one platform for the end user, and includes six diverse sectors, namely: real estate development companies; mortgage financing companies; construction and finishing companies; interior design and decoration companies; legal services companies; and facility management companies.

The Nawa Pro platform aims to connect the sector’s shareholders to make all information about their companies and their experiences available in a professional and integrated way. 

The platform is supported with the latest technological analysis tools based on artificial intelligence (AI). It provides experience for service providers or for individual beneficiaries looking for various services and products in the real estate market across Egypt, said Mohamed Ibrahim, CEO of Nawa Pro.

Ibrahim added that the experimental launch of the platform in the Egyptian market took three years to study and evaluate market conditions. 

He noted that the local market represents enormous wealth and has experienced a great boom over the past few years.

There is, however, still an important need for a single platform that brings together real estate system parties to achieve the best experience for clients searching or wishing to own private unit, especially Egyptian expatriates. 

Moreover, the platform gives customer opportunity to go through the experience of searching for property, buying and completing financial and legal procedures on units in any location inside Egypt through one platform. 

It also allows them to finish units without the hassle and hardship of usual routine procedures, Ibrahim pointed out.

Ibrahim further disclosed that the platform greatly contributes to supporting and exporting Egyptian property to foreigners or Egyptian expatriates who are looking to own a property in the country, and have no guidance for better decision and easier procedures.

He believes that, by the end of this year, the platform will include hundreds of companies and institutions who represent elements of real estate sector system. These include:  real estate developers; finishing specialists; mortgage finance companies; banks; or legal consultants specialised in real estate; or even facility management companies.

Additionally, the company targets registering about one million customers by 2022, he said, explained that the target is to reach 5 million beneficiaries of the platform during the first three years of the platform official launching. 

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