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Opinion| Inked thoughts on PR based on 15 + 3 years of experience

PR is a dynamic and fast-growing career which requires resilience and strong passion. Its aspects are anything but steady.

With 18 years of experience in communications and public relations (PR), over three of which were spent building up our passion and pride at Jupiter Commz, I have had the opportunity to gather thoughts and reflections on the industry.

PR is a dynamic and fast-growing career which requires resilience and strong passion. Its aspects are anything but steady.

The digital revolution has caused significant shifts in the way we communicate, reach stakeholders, and deliver messages. As of late, we have witnessed new growth opportunities for communications and PR, expanding the profession’s remit in the process.

Unfortunately, not all have come to terms with this new reality, whether PR professionals or adopters. The lack of awareness in terms of the depth and importance of the profession has met with little buy-in from businesses who may relegate it to the background, a “nice -to have” as opposed to a “must-have” service.

So, what does a PR profession actually entail? It is all about strategy, messaging, and relationship building. It is the ability to develop and implement strategies that build a voice of authority and build trust on behalf of entities whether corporate or civil.

At Jupiter Commz, we believe that PR professionals and practitioners should focus on performance and results around strategic priorities, in addition to maintaining the trust of stakeholders, if they are to succeed.

To achieve this goal, we should have a strategic mind-set that is able to define and align corporate mission, purpose, values, culture and brand with business models, practices and policies across the board.

To say that PR has no solid Returns on Investment (ROI) is an outdated belief. This is the difference between an ordinary PR professional and a top-notch one, with the key being the ability to collect and analyse data.

I am so proud that at Jupiter Commz we have a team who is energetic, innovative and keen to learn. They have the flexibility and thirst to broaden their horizons and expand their mind-set making them adaptable to different environments.

I believe that it is thanks to Allah first and this passionate team that we were able to overcome the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and succeed in achieving our goals for the year.

We are always keen to answer the question “How does PR contribute to a business’ bottom line?”

How can we as PR professionals ensure that we are catalysts for growth and play an integral part in business strategy? We do so by adding another dimension to the brand, getting their message across while confirming the brand’s credibility by putting a “face” to the name.

In short, at Jupiter Commz, we believe that a good PR strategy does not end with a press release or an event, but to take the company to the next level. And again, it is all about passion and the team. If you have the passion and the right team, anything is possible.

In true Jupiterian fashion, it takes being solid, bold, and eminent. Do that and you are there.


Salah El Din Aloui

Chairman and MD – Jupiter Commz

Salah El Din Aloui is the Chairman and Managing Director of Jupiter Commz and is responsible for managing and supervising the operations of the firm. Before establishing Jupiter Commz, Aloui was the General Manager of Organizational Consultant, where he was responsible for fully managing and supervising Egypt’s office, its accounts and the overall business.

With 18 years of solid and extensive experience in communications and public relations, Aloui brings to Jupiter international expertise from working as the Media Relations Manager at an international public relations firm for more than 7 years, and at Qalaa Holdings (previously known as Citadel Capital); the leading investment company in Africa and the Middle East. At Qalaa Holdings, Aloui oversaw all the major communication functions across its 15-country footprint, through 19 sectors and 118 companies.

Over the years in his varying positions and roles, Aloui has maintained a work ethic that saw him responsible for business development, playing a crucial senior and strategic role in supporting higher management, providing critical expertise in reputation building, positioning and guidance across various industries and important sectors including Entertainment, Media, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Renewable Energy, Electricity, Banking, Non-Banking, Retails, Oil and Gas, FMCG, Automotive, Telecommunications and the Governmental Events.

Aloui has delivered a multitude of media training sessions to top executives of across various fields including banking, non-banking, oil and gas, electricity and energy, medical and pharmaceuticals, automotive, FMCG, HVAC, media, entertainment and telecommunications among others. His training experience spreads across a number of countries including Tunis, Egypt, UK, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan.

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