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‘Ma7adesh 2ally’ launches Ramadan challenge to adopt healthy lifestyle - Daily News Egypt

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‘Ma7adesh 2ally’ launches Ramadan challenge to adopt healthy lifestyle

Initiative aims to serve as self-development journey filled with useful hacks, meaningful prizes during holy month

The Ma7adesh 2ally website, created by Marian Bahader, has launched a Ramadan challenge called “Men sifr la talateen” (From 0 to 30), aimed at encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan. 

The initiative’s core aim is to serve as a self-development journey, and is filled with useful hacks and meaningful prizes during the holy month. 

The campaign will take place during the 30 days of Ramadan, where members are invited to prioritise their wellbeing guided by exclusive life coaches, such as renowned life coach Lara Atallah.

The initiative is a holistic journey focusing on four themes across the four weeks. In the first week, there is a focus on physical energy, which will then move to thoughts and feelings. In the first week, the focus shifts to the energy of love, including loving one self and loving others, with the final week focusing on spiritual energy. It is during this final week that the initiative will talk about having a purpose and striving to achieve dreams and goals.

Bahader said that the page is meant to encourage new ideas and alternative ways of thinking, adding, “Everything I talk about has been truly life changing and altered my life.” 

She added that her followers are from across the Middle East, with Egypt-based Egyptians being the page’s main fans. It currently boasts around 35,000 followers, with the total views of videos at around 1 million. 

Bahader asserted that she is not driven by numbers and hardly monitors them, saying, “This has been a learning curve for me, as my first video grew organically like crazy, and the numbers watching was a bit surreal for me so that I was monitoring them every few minutes.” 

The aim of the website is to help as many people as possible, and grow the website’s reach. The main focus however, is about putting up valuable content first and foremost, with Bahader noting that this is where she places her energy. 

The Ma7adesh 2ally website was so named (translates No one has ever told me that before) to exactly reflect the information presented in the videos to the audience. They are unique for the fact that they offer helpful and life-changing nuggets for users, which are less commonly found in the Middle East. 

Before the website, one had to proactively read a book, watch a talk, attend a conference or a workshop in order to access life coaching services and find the information they needed.

Bahader always starts her videos with “No one has ever told me (video idea) before….”, and ends them with “How come no one told me (video idea) before.” 

The information is designed to challenge limiting cultural beliefs, and aim to help enhance a person’s well-being whether health wise, relationship wise, or when it comes to understanding one’s self and how to live on purpose and with potential. 

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